Saturday, October 5, 2013

Vintage Diehls!

Some would call it getting lost and mis-direction, but I call it good ole fashion luck! That I stumbled upon the cutest little vintage boutique of all! Where you ask? Well...pickerington, Ohio.

I met the cutest hip and trendy young family, living the American dream. A fairly new vintage shop with so so many goodies!

I was a tad low on cash or I'd of had myself a shopping spree!

If you're ever in the Ohio area check them out!

18 w. Columbus st. Pickerington, Ohio 43147 olde pickerington village.

But don't pout If you're nowhere near Ohio because you can still check out their etsy shop @

A fellow etsy enthusiasts! What's not to love?

This is my pick & purchase. Only 10 dollars!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Onward and upward!

My  son graduated! Received two scholorships and I've yet to recover! 

We've moved on into summer vacation

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Almost Open house!

I've been busy preparing for my sons open house. I thought I'd share my progress so far.

Party room.

The cake will go here.

A shrine of Nicks life.

Making these sweet treats!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It happens...

I have an infinity for thrifting for a few different reasons. First of course, I love scoring that perfect vintage piece that sends my heart skipping a beat. Second, this is how I make money selling those hard to let go of pieces and third while not the intention, something happened...I find that when I thrift it's the only time I allow my mind to wander and think about life. Strange as that may seem or not really. I suppose it would happen if I regular shopped too.
I guess I find it so relaxing that I think a lot about my kids, my husband and the upcoming events of their lives and the milestones already achieved.
I think i'm at the crossroads of many different things and emotions. If I could I would start over from the very beginning and raise my children again. They were such wonderful kids and I really enjoyed their childhoods. It's funny because like most moms I remember thinking I can't wait for this stage to pass etc...and I truly MISS them being younger.
That is the time when they are all yours! before the school years! when they are cocooned into your world and only your world. It's a special time, one I miss.
I am also excited for their verging adult lives...excited for them. But truth be told I MISS them! I remember when it was all FOUR getting their picture taken in front of the pumpkin patch...and now it's down to two :( both the older boys moving on with their lives and having their own adventures.
 Nicks Senior Pictures--getting ready for a BIG open house!
My daughter's prom--

A newly discovered thrift store....

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I'm going to blog about it...

Check out my newest thrifty find. Six total, two in each color. $40.00 for all....

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Check please...

A forever thrifter, I scored this sleeveless checkered blouse for .99cents Yay! Happy dance...the small things in life right?

I then added my forever 21 skinny jeans, old navy cardigan and my thrifted cloud walkers. I took along a pair of strappy yellow wedge shoes giving this outfit some contrast. I really love the navy & yellow.

The jewelry I either thrifted (necklace) french coin ring (etsy) bracelet commissioned (etsy)