Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Smash Hit

Anyone else loving the new series SMASH? From the fantastic star studded cast to the amazing sing and dance...least we mention the drool worthy costume. A+

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hunting For That Cookie Monster--

I've been on a mission to search and destroy the Cookie Monster. Yeap! you heard right. Although I'm talking about a virus called the Cookie Monster that I somehow got. Maybe it explains why I can't access some of my favorite blogs anymore( is one of them.

  Awhile back on Twitter I got a private message that someone had blogged something bad about me or said something mean and it had a link so of course being new to Twitter and natural human curiosity I clicked the link. Well it turns out it was a virus that a blogger I followed got and it hacked her account and sent out that message to everyone she followed on her Twitter. Thank goodness I didn't get hacked or the virus then but now I'm wondering if my Twitter is hacked and it's sending out messages from me and people are dropping me like flies.
So if you get a message from say Twitter,pinterest,blogger,email etc...and it seems weird, don't click it,open it etc...
This is the second time I've tried writing this post. Blogger is acting funny too...maybe it's something to do with this new process they are going too...working out the kinks!

anyway...I did a diagnostic search & destroy on my computer and found the problem.  My antivirus protection found and quarantined a virus called Cookie Monster...The only freaking Cookie Monster I want lives on Sesame St. and we stopped watching him years ago! :) So perhaps it wasn't my twitter being hacked and yes I do let the kids use the computer so...God only knows what sites they go to. Thank goodness I have decent protection.

Everything I'm wearing is from Goodwill except the Shoes. I bought them on etsy and will do a review soon.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thrift till the Sun Comes Out--

On a perfectly rainy day, what is better to do then a little thrifting?
I love listening to the rain and thunder all while perusing the racks at thrift stores. It puts me in the no worry or rush zone and I can shop at my leisure
. Here are a few new things I'm loving in my shop. I really love that fringe bag. It had a silver, western look cabochon wrapped within the fringe that I didn't like. I removed it and put a book on the leather fringe to straighten it from being wrapped and twisted so long through the silver cabochon.  Now I feel it's more versitile and hip and just might keep it for myself. That's my problem with thrift shopping for my etsy shop; I just might keep most of what I intended to sell.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Went With Everything--

Because I'm sitting here with  deep conditioner in my hair; wrapped up in a tuban, wearing my hubz old sweat shirt and sweat pants...Yep the ones with the *gasp* elastic around the ankles. My face is freshly scrubbed and at present healing under a layer of oil of olay seven signs of ageing cream. I'm feeling sorry for myself! Why? because yesterday after finally calling the hubz myself to say "screw you" basically...cause you could have at least called to say Happy V Day or better yet Happy freaking 22yr Anniversary! so I was a real Bit@h and now feel bad about being one.
So I am all gloom and doom which I HATE when I get in that mood...I decided I needed to add to my wardrobe.
The last time I wore any kind of heels was to my Dad's funeral in which I had to take off my heels and had horrible blisters all over my heel and big toe. I decided to search the internet for a classic black pair of pumps ya know? the kind that go with everything...when I decided that leopard print WENT with EVERYTHING too! so I ordered one of these...
Just for fun, guess which!

Remember I was on a classic pump hunt and I don't have tons of cash to buy Uggs of which one pair of these are...Hint* mine were ordered from

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pink And Red All While Singing The Blues

<a href="" ><img src="" width="200" height="50" alt="Pink + Red | Everybody, Everywear" /></a>

Happy V Day!
Everything feels @ss backwards with Twitter,Blogger,facebook all making changes...I tend to like SameO SameO.....or maybe it's because it's V day and my Anniversary! Yep we've been doing this thing for 22 or 23 yrs now. WOW! considering I'm not yet 40 I'd say that's pretty amazing to be with someone from such a young age...and still. So I'm a little bummed that he has to work and we're not even in the same state on this special day:(

Thinking about this long road and having Insomnia pretty much on a regular basis has me this early morning hour putting bantu braids in my hair and getting fixed up for the Everybody Everywear's challenge
INSTEAD... of a fancy dinner perhap and movie with the hubz on our Anniversary,

I'm going to link with Everybody, Everywear's pink and red theme
so I decided to wear my asos, red, sleeveless dress as a skirt. I am really excited about this as I've seen other bloggers wearing dresses as skirts and really wanted to try it.
I paired it with a thrifted pinkish fair Isle sweater and skinny long bow top also thrifted. My son came home and said I looked Irish...whatever that means :)
Has anyone tried Bantu braids? OMG! I has such tight curls I couldn't get my fingers through the curls and has to add some Argon oil to loosen them. So I'm estatic considering my hair is usually a limp noodle and never holds a curl.

Hey check out my vintage Louis Vuitton bag (Did I spell that right?) anywho...I bought it at a consignment shop called Plato's closet and they said it's the real deal...hmmm well I didn't pay much for it so...I don't care either way because I LOVE the cherries.
 What do you think real or fake?

A messy attempt at Bantu braids which are easy to do. You just twist damp hair until it bends on itself and coil it around then pin it with a bobby pin, sit under the dyer and done. The larger the sections the more wavy the curl...the smaller the sections the more curl. Nice alternative to heat because you can let them air dry if you want.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Great Things Happen At 6pm--

Have you ever shopped at Last week I ordered these Bearpaw leopard print boots from their online site and couldn't be happier! Super fast shipping and easy navigating site make for one Happy customer. I believe they are owned by Zappo's. I found lots of things besides footwear that I wanted but resisted the urge to splurge. They did have a Betsey Johnson (SP?) rainbow leopard print ring I was drooling over though...drooling not buying!
Anyway...6pm is quickly becoming my NEW favorite online store...still a close second to asos.

Other than my new boots, this outfit is nothing amazing. But if I waited to post only amazing outfits it might be awhile before I post again...:)

Striped Thermal/Thrifted
Leopard print boots/
Glasses/ to come! Loving buying glasses online
Green cabohon ring w/copper/Thrifted
Sterling silver polka dot clamper bracelet/etsy
Spiral earrings/etsy

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

All Wrapped Up In A Bow!

Sorry for the long absence but things around here have been crazy. I blog at my leisure and I tell ya there has been no leisure time for me lately. That said I wanted to share with you my recent etsy purchase. Oh! yes, I find the time to shop...actually I had my eye on this dress for awhile. I didn't want to pay the price it was listed for but often would just look at it and wish. The next thing I knew was having FREE shipping to the US and had reduced the price of this dress. I jump on it! I adore this dress with it's giant bow and Japanese label!
I'm having a love affair...
I had hesitated in purchasing it also because of it's color. Pink is not my color. I've actually always hated pastels on myself esp. pink. It's funny, almost every single year my Mother In Law buys me a PINK joke! well she used to buy me animal print silk PJ's and at the time I hated animal prints and my daughter would convulse on the floor in fits of laughter knowing my disdain for it...and now I am converted and drooling over animal prints everywhere on the Internet. So maybe I should be saying THANK YOU to my Mother In Law for broadening my horizons and helping me along the way to loving animal prints and perhaps now pastels....
But who could resist this dress...I mean really!