Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pink And Red All While Singing The Blues

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Happy V Day!
Everything feels @ss backwards with Twitter,Blogger,facebook all making changes...I tend to like SameO SameO.....or maybe it's because it's V day and my Anniversary! Yep we've been doing this thing for 22 or 23 yrs now. WOW! considering I'm not yet 40 I'd say that's pretty amazing to be with someone from such a young age...and still. So I'm a little bummed that he has to work and we're not even in the same state on this special day:(

Thinking about this long road and having Insomnia pretty much on a regular basis has me this early morning hour putting bantu braids in my hair and getting fixed up for the Everybody Everywear's challenge
INSTEAD... of a fancy dinner perhap and movie with the hubz on our Anniversary,

I'm going to link with Everybody, Everywear's pink and red theme
so I decided to wear my asos, red, sleeveless dress as a skirt. I am really excited about this as I've seen other bloggers wearing dresses as skirts and really wanted to try it.
I paired it with a thrifted pinkish fair Isle sweater and skinny long bow top also thrifted. My son came home and said I looked Irish...whatever that means :)
Has anyone tried Bantu braids? OMG! I has such tight curls I couldn't get my fingers through the curls and has to add some Argon oil to loosen them. So I'm estatic considering my hair is usually a limp noodle and never holds a curl.

Hey check out my vintage Louis Vuitton bag (Did I spell that right?) anywho...I bought it at a consignment shop called Plato's closet and they said it's the real deal...hmmm well I didn't pay much for it so...I don't care either way because I LOVE the cherries.
 What do you think real or fake?

A messy attempt at Bantu braids which are easy to do. You just twist damp hair until it bends on itself and coil it around then pin it with a bobby pin, sit under the dyer and done. The larger the sections the more wavy the curl...the smaller the sections the more curl. Nice alternative to heat because you can let them air dry if you want.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Anniversary to you! Wow!!! 20 years is such a feat! Congratulations! I really love your purse! It's the cutest thing ever. And your hair looks nice like this! but I may be biased because I LOVE big hair!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  2. That's a cute sweater! The cherry bag is fun too and my opinion is if you like then it's authenticity doesn't matter. Too bad your husband wasn't home. My V Day got sabotaged by just day-to-day crap so you weren't singing the blues alone.

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