Friday, February 24, 2012

Hunting For That Cookie Monster--

I've been on a mission to search and destroy the Cookie Monster. Yeap! you heard right. Although I'm talking about a virus called the Cookie Monster that I somehow got. Maybe it explains why I can't access some of my favorite blogs anymore( is one of them.

  Awhile back on Twitter I got a private message that someone had blogged something bad about me or said something mean and it had a link so of course being new to Twitter and natural human curiosity I clicked the link. Well it turns out it was a virus that a blogger I followed got and it hacked her account and sent out that message to everyone she followed on her Twitter. Thank goodness I didn't get hacked or the virus then but now I'm wondering if my Twitter is hacked and it's sending out messages from me and people are dropping me like flies.
So if you get a message from say Twitter,pinterest,blogger,email etc...and it seems weird, don't click it,open it etc...
This is the second time I've tried writing this post. Blogger is acting funny too...maybe it's something to do with this new process they are going too...working out the kinks!

anyway...I did a diagnostic search & destroy on my computer and found the problem.  My antivirus protection found and quarantined a virus called Cookie Monster...The only freaking Cookie Monster I want lives on Sesame St. and we stopped watching him years ago! :) So perhaps it wasn't my twitter being hacked and yes I do let the kids use the computer so...God only knows what sites they go to. Thank goodness I have decent protection.

Everything I'm wearing is from Goodwill except the Shoes. I bought them on etsy and will do a review soon.


  1. oh no! I'm sorry to hear about your twitter incident :( I've known a lot of people who have gotten hacked through those links on twitter and I know it totally sucks:(

    But I oh so love the layering you got going on here!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  2. Oh, what a pain! So easy to happen, though.

    This colour looks great on you!

  3. a virus named cookie monster? sounds like it just eats your cookies, its not so bad, gives you a chance to watch some x rated movies and not get caught by the familie because the cookie monster will eat the cookies anyway...but i forget we arent 14 year old boys :) i hope you get that virus taken care of and i havent got any weird messages on twitter etc so i dont think you got hacked...what a strange thing..ive heard of that happening though :/ anyway you look absolutely fantastic, i love the sweater! and the necklace is perfect


  4. That's weird! I can't see hillary's blog anymore but I didn't think I had been hacked at all. Now I have to look in to this...

  5. Investigation complete! She had temporarily made her blog private and I am free of viruses. Maybe you're in the clear too? :)