Thursday, January 31, 2013

Budget friendly coat...

 This vaccum shot is extremely fashion chic isn't it? ha ha. I didn't like my face in any of the pics so I chopped my head off.
 I am loving my newly thrifted coat. It has the nova check I love so much. Nice and cozy too.I really like the tan and purple combination. Promise eventually my pics will get better.
 I really love cowl necks.
 My thrifty find of the week.
 After a quick run the the grocery store it was get down to business and cook. I spent the entire day making chicken N' noodles and chicken soup. Yum!
 These things are addictive!
Whipped up some crab salad....

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ode To The Man--

I Love you!
But your cigarettes are stinky (go outside) (better yet quit)
But this isn't about preaching today...
It's about LOVE...
Feb 14th will be 23years and counting...
So happy we made it through!
Those were a rough few years!
But DOZENS have been Amazing!
 (and I'm not talking about the dog)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Looka Lika Man...

There's no use in getting all dolled up while trying to put an entire house together. So  I snuck into my husbands extra suit case and pulled out a lambswool sweater that is over sized,soft and cozy. Decided to keep in theme with the men's wear and threw on a pair of old cargo, hiking pants, a purple Tee and my old hiking boots. I didn't realize how much I missed these boots! like walking on a cloud...
When I've mentioned to a VERY few people that I write a fashion blog...their reaction is mostly a roll of the eyes and maybe an audible "Really?" ha ha ha... hence the reason I don't tell many people.
What can I say? Lack of inspiration? ....I was lucky to get dressed!

I haven't got much done around the new house except the massive chalk board wall my daughter wanted. Her brothers already got their paws on it...
 Not sure where I am going to take photos yet. I need to invest in a tripod as there is no metal for my gorilla pod to attach to around here.

 I need to invest in lots and lots of furniture to fill this place up. Goodwill here I come!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

City Slickers...

 Wow! So it's been along time coming that I post. But if you had been living my life as of late you'd understand why I haven't. Let me just say moving sucks. Yes, it does. The only good thing about it is a fresh start. It turned out that after we signed the documents at their lawyers we had 3 days...3 days! to exit the property! So instead of Jan. 19th we had to be out by the 9th of December. OMG! as my daughter likes to say! It was a mad rush to pack up and move and on a very limited budget.
I thought I'd be smart and use Heavy duty trash bags for clothing hence saving the boxes for more important things. We had over 52 bags of clothing,blankets,pillows etc...and these were the giant lawn and garden type. Just putting those on the truck about killed me.

Thank GOD! I have three older children of which I threatened with bodily harm if they didn't pack their rooms themselves. My oldest, bless his heart packed up his room in between working and school and I was thinking wow, what a relief one more room I don't have to pack. Well on the day of moving he was at work and I went into his room to bring out the boxes.
He had just folded the box into itself instead of TAPING the bottoms and as I picked one up the entire bottom fell out! I was ok for a minute until I saw that ALL of his boxes were like this and had to be repacked...I actually broke down in tears! LOL...just the idea of why we were leaving, leaving behind such GREAT memories...etc...and that just topped it off!
We had NO idea where we were going to go. We have no family or close friends  here and basically were homeless. My husband just today messaged me that he GOT THE JOB! so he has been out of work for a very long time. I took a job but it was very little pay and mostly hindered everyone elses schedules and activities. So I quit!
The good news is we found a house! The bad news is that it's in the CITY. The city being NOT the safest place in the world. This neighborhood is slightly dangerous I guess you could say. But so far all is good! We have Guns,dogs,knives so if someone wants to try something they will die!
I say this joking but actually am very serious! I don't play when it comes to my family.
This house is a Giant brick, country house. It should be in the country, but isn't. When we pull the blinds in the formal dining parlor you get different graffiti from the gangs! At the moment there is a skull with something about Satan written above it. It's like rotating art for us. We pull the center blind and the new graffiti is framed perfectly!
The house is beautiful! five bedrooms, and formal this and that! I have my very own massive office space and a extra bedroom for a closet! I can't wait to do something with the closet!
I am dreaming of an animal print rug and cubby's for all my shoes and handbags...

But like I said money was and is very tight. We had very little to give the children for Christmas. Finding and moving into a new place and all the moving expenses took our entire nest egg! so what little we had we made due. Instead of getting me anything for Christmas my Husband refinished our dining room table for me. It's beautiful! it was painted an ugly chipping black. Now it's so pretty! Thank you Husband!

 New formal dining room with my newly refinished table!

 Fire palaces galore in this house! This one is in the formal Dining.
 Behind these double doors is my very own office! I love it!
 A fireplace in my office two!
 A hint of the front staircase.
 Ok. I really love my office. The shelves will be perfect for displaying things for my online stores.
 The kitchen built in hutch. LOVE IT!

 Kitchen pantry!
 Double, triple, infinity LOVE! Rocco enjoying an egg w toast to dip.
Love the windows.
Basically the only room we are living in at the moment-casual living room
 The puppy! He is scared to go into the basement haha
The cuteness that likes to shred my footstool!
So...we just dumped everything into the house and have yet to recuperate. We have to commute our kids now so that they stay in their same schools and activities. We are living the city life now! a total change in lifestyle.
I ended up selling the chicken coop my dad built because we don't have a yard here only an alley way. That is really hard. We did however keep a stow away-chicken. She lives with the rabbit. We have to keep her secret though as this is the city and NO chickens allowed. ha ha
The good thing about the city is anything you could want is within walking distance. We will see...........