Thursday, January 31, 2013

Budget friendly coat...

 This vaccum shot is extremely fashion chic isn't it? ha ha. I didn't like my face in any of the pics so I chopped my head off.
 I am loving my newly thrifted coat. It has the nova check I love so much. Nice and cozy too.I really like the tan and purple combination. Promise eventually my pics will get better.
 I really love cowl necks.
 My thrifty find of the week.
 After a quick run the the grocery store it was get down to business and cook. I spent the entire day making chicken N' noodles and chicken soup. Yum!
 These things are addictive!
Whipped up some crab salad....

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  1. OOOOH your thrifted coat looks AMAZING! I love the pattern on the hood :) Also, now you've got me wanting some crab dip and bagel chips. OH MY GOSH, soooo good.
    ♥ laura
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