Friday, November 30, 2012

Let's Get Personal--

As I type this, I'm sitting with curlers in my hair putting off what I should be doing. Like packing my house that I have to move out of by the 19th of January. Instead I have been making a Christmas list and like I said messing with my hair. I'm not leaving the house today so I don't know why I decided to try and do something with this head of hair other than the fact that I'm NOT leaving the house and I have time to let it dry naturally in the curlers.
I am usually a GET IT DONE sorta person. But lately I haven't had the incentive to get much done. After a messy deal with our house, lawyer cost and basically bad blood now between us and the former owners (Land contact deals are tricky) we settled and are leaving the home we've been in for the last 9yrs.
I've given away or sold off my mini farm & all the animals. The hardest to do is selling the Chicken coop my Dad built and leaving behind the tree house he built for the kids. I hope by some miracle I can find a company that can move it for me to where ever we end up.
Anyways...While sitting around being NON-productive I decided to look for a gift for my sons girlfriend. He mentioned that because her name is Abbey with an e that she said it was nearly impossible to find anything personalized. Well...little does she know that I have just the place Here I can find just about any item I want personalized.
I'm like a kid in a candy store.............
I think this Abbey is maybe the ONE! Yeap! I mean I think she might end up being my sons wife...
The entire family adores her!
But most importantly she adores my son and she is a kind person.
I worried for awhile because he had his heart torn out and wasn't right for about 4months...then he dated shall we say less than desirable women for awhile LOL
and finally found Abbey of whom he said and I quote
"She was like a gift that came out of no where!"
So.....I am personalized shopping on and here is what I found so far.....

...........and about a MILLION more choices!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pine for the past dress-$99.99 available here
Fox and the Pound cake dress-$84.00-available here
With only a wind dress-$139.00-available here
Sizzling dance step-$109.99-available

About the Benjamin's-$119.99-available
Be Bold hearted heel-$44.99-available here

Bow'n places-$129.99-available

Heart work and dedication-$349.99-available

East coast swing dress-$84.99-available
Everybody knows that is one of if not my all time favorite place to shop when I have some extra cash. is quickly becoming my new favorite shop. Why? hmmm...let me count the ways. First they have vintage inspired heavenly pieces of what I consider art for the curvy fashionistas...all the way up to 4x....and the shoes! Ladies the shoes are my weakness! unique, retro, or plan weird shoes of every style,color,delight! and they range in larger sizes too...I wear a size 10, 10.5 or 11 depending on the style of shoe so finding cute shoes is not always easy!
So if you get a chance and have a few bucks to spare check out some of their items are rather expensive and yet they have FANTASTIC sales and you can really get some DEALS!
These are on my Christmas wish list! Here's wishing!.....

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The basics....

Sometimes what you need isn't that one of a kind piece you've been drooling over, but a few staple items. In my case anyways I've been in need of a few. I never really think about staple items until I go to put something together and I don't have the right cami etc...I definitely don't have adequate Tee's or casual shirts.
I've been interviewing and wouldn't you know that the place I'm pretty sure is going to hire me is casual to work wear as it's in farming retail accounts. The entire place wears farming gear. has free shipping of order $50.00 or more. I'm usually not a big target fan because I cannot ever find anything IN store that works for my body for some reason. But I gave the online store a shot and we shall see. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that I couldn't find a size chart and the sizes for plus are 1,2,3,4. I guessed that I'm a 2 from previous thrift finds I believe said 2. Let's hope!
These items I feel I can be casual at work and still professional looking if not plain Jane haha...
I thought the plaid shirt would be cute with Dark skinny jeans and distressed work boots!