Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Pine for the past dress-$99.99 available here modcloth.com
Fox and the Pound cake dress-$84.00-available here modcloth.com
With only a wind dress-$139.00-available here modcloth.com
Sizzling dance step-$109.99-available here-modcloth.com

About the Benjamin's-$119.99-available here-Modcloth.com
Be Bold hearted heel-$44.99-available here modcloth.com

Bow'n places-$129.99-available here-modcloth.com

Heart work and dedication-$349.99-available here-modcloth.com

East coast swing dress-$84.99-available here-modcloth.com
Everybody knows that asos.com is one of if not my all time favorite place to shop when I have some extra cash. Well...Modcloth.com is quickly becoming my new favorite shop. Why? hmmm...let me count the ways. First they have vintage inspired heavenly pieces of what I consider art for the curvy fashionistas...all the way up to 4x....and the shoes! Ladies the shoes are my weakness! unique, retro, or plan weird shoes of every style,color,delight! and they range in larger sizes too...I wear a size 10, 10.5 or 11 depending on the style of shoe so finding cute shoes is not always easy!
So if you get a chance and have a few bucks to spare check out modcloth.com some of their items are rather expensive and yet they have FANTASTIC sales and you can really get some DEALS!
These are on my Christmas wish list! Here's wishing!.....


  1. I love the blue dress and the mustard shoes!

  2. i love modcloth. im just in love with all of their clothes!