Friday, April 20, 2012

Check Mate--

Yay! It's Friday! I can hardly move my arms from lifting pain, no gain right?
Now I must depart and take a van full of teenage girls to the mall!
Pick up pizza's...for a sleep over!
I'm such a cool mom!
Of course I sent my daughter a message on facebook and ended it with (wink) she comments back "Mom all you have to do is ;) instead of spelling it...duh!"

I will be visiting my Fav blogs over the weekend to leave comments...

 I like my hair today....

 Checkered shirt::Oldnavy::skinny jeans::forever 21::shoes::rose'

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Work It Girl--

I'm trying to blog most days which means you get to see me probably at least 3 times a week in workout wear. I'm forcing myself to do something about my health. Notice how I said health and not weight? ....I have hypertension due to my weight and I need to work some of it off or end up having a stroke or brain aneurysm.
So I found a workout partner through my two sons. I met a woman through my oldest when getting his senior pictures done; she was the photographer. I just happened to have all four kids with me for the event and the photographer asked my second oldest how old he was because she also had a daughter around his age...they ended up dating for a short time and my son is friends with her & her mother on facebook....the mother became my friend and was hinting at me getting my other sons senior pictures done from her again...she joined YMCA and is looking for people to workout with. My son nominated me because he too wants to join YMCA and I'm sure see her daughter again.

 After I workout, mail packages and finish bringing my storage unit back home to my home office(Minus a flood that ruined a few boxes-filed insurance forms) it's off to drop my son off at work, baseball practice, team fundraising/cheer meeting, pick him up from work. The oldest has been helping out but he came home the other day and had hydroplaned his car and lost control and basically got it into the driveway and that's about the end of it. Thank GOD! he is ok...

 Oh and Yippy! Mother nature is calling....(see extreme bloat!)

Monday, April 16, 2012

My 40$ challenge!

When shopping I try to buy wisely and not just throw my money away.
 So I challenged myself recently while out shopping with two teenagers to only spend $40.00 and see how much I could come away with(Good quality items)
 I wanted to show the kids the difference between their spending of MY money and MY spending of MY money.
I think seeing is believing and I want them to understand the value of a dollar.
One thing I DON'T do is JUST buy it because it's on sale. NO! I have to really love the item and would have wanted it rather it was on SALE or NOT. I don't buy just for the sake of a SALE. Besides we all know what a SALE is right? Most generally they mark it WAY up and then CLEARANCE it.
So after spending time at the MALL and $160.00 later...which for what they got was PRETTY good considering I had a few things in there too for my other son; we HEADED to my kind of SHOPPING!

DISCOUNT shopping! I found this amazing place called ROSE'S that is a mecca for PINCHING pennies...

 I bought myself an entire outfit... and I've been wanting to try the colored skinny jeans!
 Love a cardigan esp when it's kelly Green!

Yellow Skinny Jeans:: $17.50, Multi-colored Blouse::$6.00::Green Cardigan::$7.50::Shoes::$5.95::Bracelet::.$.99

With Tax I think it's around $40.43 Cents! but an entire outfit including the Shoes!

SOCKS NOT ADDED: they were .99cents and I didn't buy them to go with this outfit!

Friday, April 13, 2012

A Dog Named Mr. Plate...

Yesterday I had alot to accomplish with very little time. I mean 24hr days just aren't enough hours in a day in my world. I woke up really early and started my crock pot with the evenings meal. It looks weird in this pictures but by 6pm will be a a nice tender, falling apart roast with thick gravy & potatoes and carrots. There are actually two roast in that pot (large family and all) I will add the carrots a few hrs before it's done (slow cooking and all) I love the gravy because it's full of chunks of tender meat, the potatoes that may have fallen apart and bits of carrot and we use it to put over the potatoes.

Since the day was to be a long one in the car running errands and then the evening filled with the kids sports activities I wanted to be comfortable. I dragged the oldest out of bed and we headed out to H &R block to get our and his taxes done. I decided to wear my asos curve dress that's been hanging in my closet waiting for an appearance. I couldn't find a slip so I opted for capri leggings, my thrifted mustard yellow bag to give some contrast to the black and white. I had a pair of mustard yellow shoes on but for some reason my SON has a negative effect when he see mustard yellow and he shook his head and said "please don't wear those shoes!" the fashion maven that he is ya know? I mean we might run into someone he knows with his mom wearing mustard yellow flats OH NO! LOL....

 My son took this picture right before we walked out the door. I was just stirring! promise!
 I wanted to see if my makeup looked ok....
 This is the "puppy" who is big enough to reach the dirty dishes and has broken many of my favorite plates already.
 He has become my Best Buddy! and I LOVE this DOG! He crept into my Heart and for some reason took a liking to ME even amongst my PROTEST....What can I say? being fully admired is flattering....LOL
 I've discovered I prefer DOG to PEOPLE!
I was going to get a bumper sticker that says " Dogs are People Too!" but I didn't want to INSULT my DOGS! lol......

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Get em listed!

I wanted to come back after my long absence with an Amazing outfit. But as they say, Life happens while your Busy making Plans.
I've missed blogging & posting outfit i'm going to try and get Back to it!

I've been in a Slump and not very Inspired to blog,get dressed, breathe...haha that last one is a joke.
On a lighter note I've been Busy as a bumblebee with my ebay & etsy shops and sales are providing Nicely
Check out some of the items I've listed on my ebay site. Some of my asos dresses are listed,wide calve boots and more. Then head over to my etsy shop and check that out too.

I'm going to be doing another Giveaway soon and you never know, it might be one of my etsy items. So leave me comments to tell me your favorites over there on etsy.
Check out my new little ebay icon on the right to get to my ebay faster & easier.

Here's a peek a boo...

 Liquid Gold Maxi-M
 Disney Theme Parks Mickey Polka dot navy flats-9
 Octopus Print lightweight scarf
Vintage Handbags
 Wide calf boots-size 9W
 asos bird print dress-size 18/20 uk 22
 Cherry Poppers Gingham heels-size 9
 Vintage Itzy Bitzy pocket book-etsy
 Michael Kors animal print tunic-2x
 Faux wrap dress-16/18
 Urban Cropped Utility Jacket-L
Vintage Floral Dress
 Vintage 2-Piece Polka dot & Stripes outfit