Monday, April 16, 2012

My 40$ challenge!

When shopping I try to buy wisely and not just throw my money away.
 So I challenged myself recently while out shopping with two teenagers to only spend $40.00 and see how much I could come away with(Good quality items)
 I wanted to show the kids the difference between their spending of MY money and MY spending of MY money.
I think seeing is believing and I want them to understand the value of a dollar.
One thing I DON'T do is JUST buy it because it's on sale. NO! I have to really love the item and would have wanted it rather it was on SALE or NOT. I don't buy just for the sake of a SALE. Besides we all know what a SALE is right? Most generally they mark it WAY up and then CLEARANCE it.
So after spending time at the MALL and $160.00 later...which for what they got was PRETTY good considering I had a few things in there too for my other son; we HEADED to my kind of SHOPPING!

DISCOUNT shopping! I found this amazing place called ROSE'S that is a mecca for PINCHING pennies...

 I bought myself an entire outfit... and I've been wanting to try the colored skinny jeans!
 Love a cardigan esp when it's kelly Green!

Yellow Skinny Jeans:: $17.50, Multi-colored Blouse::$6.00::Green Cardigan::$7.50::Shoes::$5.95::Bracelet::.$.99

With Tax I think it's around $40.43 Cents! but an entire outfit including the Shoes!

SOCKS NOT ADDED: they were .99cents and I didn't buy them to go with this outfit!


  1. oh my gosh! you got all these for $40??? You are toooo amazing. I love those yellow jeans. I need to get a pair myself!

    ♥ laura
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  2. Sales are tricky!! I like your philosophy of questioning sale items! Love those mustard coloured pants you scored :)

  3. SUCH A GOOD CHALLENGE!! I need to try that!! AND- I love my colored denim!!! xoxox

  4. love your blue mesh shoes. especially with the colors in your outfit. perfect!

  5. Great post ! I love this outfit and the colors are good for my eyes !
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