Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Your Little Friend"

Father & Daughter :)

With less maturity then intended I asked my daughter if she would mind if my next post was titled "A Boy Called Stumps!" and her answer of course was a roll of her eyes and huffing off into her room where I very clearly heard her bedroom door slam. What? I thought it was funny!


Sorry! I'm having a difficult time letting her grow up ok...and I still want her to wear bows in her hair and play with dolls. Is that so bad? so when boys are interested in her and moreover she's interested in them and one boy in particular...I get over protective and in no way apologize for it.

So we get a letter in the mail on Saturday; a note from the school. In fact it was a carbon copy of the warning our daughter got at school. A warning slip with hand written "Showing to much PDA with High school boyfriend"

Um...Can we say grounded? and of course nothing is private in this house so it's public knowledge to the older brothers who all are sitting around making me feel better about what limb they want to break of this kid and how'd they do it. It made me feel better anyway:)

Actually at one point I had to tell my second oldest son who is a few years ahead of her that we are just TALKING, not actually DOING...he was getting carried away saying how he was going to slam this offending boy into a locker....Oh BOY!

Did I mention the French/Italian heritage? ha,ha...

So...My daughter has a game to cheer at and my husband is picking her up. We have talked via text and he knows the situation.

Hubz: I'm just starting

Me: Is the "Boyfriend there?"

Hubz: I don't see him...why?

Me: You need to have a talk w him about PDA w Our Daughter at School!

Hubz:  What? @$%*#) ! Want me to kick his @ss?

Me: No! No! just tell him how it makes our daughter LOOK! maybe he doesn't see...

Hubz: I'd rather just break his legs!


Hubz: Ok! Ok!

So...he get home with daughter in tow and they are both smiling and in good moods. She goes off to take a shower after her game and I ask so how'd it go?
He explains that the boy in question came over and sat next to him when he saw he was at the game and my husband put his hand on the boys shoulder and said let's have a little talk...he said the boys eyes got big as saucers and he looked scared. The end result was he explained that having public displays of affection with our daughter at school was not only inappropriate but makes her look bad. That in our opinion makes her More likely to get a reputation of  a certain kind...of course the boy was like oh,oh right...No, I would never want that! etc..etc..
and then my husband said of course you will respect our daughter or you will end up with bloody stumps if you get my drift...

Problem solved...for now!

Thank god she is not allowed to "date" until she is sixteen and already knows it will be chaperoned. I contested to calling him her "boyfriend" because she was getting upset when I would reference him "your little friend" . In truth I still prefer "Your little friend" as I cannot wrap my mind around "boyfriend" ugh!

In the meantime I'm escaping reality with books I bought at Goodwill. It's a great way to get to know different Authors you wouldn't necessarily pay full price to try otherwise. It's also great for some fluff reading and escapism...

Friday, January 27, 2012

I Want To Love You----I Really Do!

Grrrr...The mood around this place is doom and gloom!
Doesn't help the spirits of Teenagers or their Mom for that matter, when the weather is gloomy,rainy,foggy...feels like we live in England with the constant, never relenting overcast.
If I lived in England I suppose I wouldn't be complaining though. I will chalk it up to to much together time around these parts; being cooped up and all in close proximity.

This is what I wore to mail out packages, stop at the gas station and what I'm wearing tonight to get Chipotle with the kids. Exciting I know! but everyone is also getting over a stomach virus and taking it slow and steady.

I want to love this coat! It's the one I bought at Rose's outlet center a few weeks ago. $31.00 with 25% off of that. I love the bow in the back and it keeps the ties from slipping off. I love the ruffled neckline too. I'm not quite sure about the fit starting mid hip though. I feel it might accentuate what I don't want accentuated ya know what I mean?  ah well...I will give it a few goes. Sometimes I have to break something in and get super comfortable wearing it before I feel settled on the item.

Anyone else feel they have to "Get To Know" a new item somewhat before they feel totally at ease wearing it?

Monday, January 23, 2012


And The Winner Is...............


Please send me your address to so I can mail out your zigzag bangle:)

Thanks to all that entered!

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Traveling Fox--

Let me tell you, this fox gets around! Ever since I ordered it from Laura of who started a fantastic etsy store. My son, daughter and myself adore it and have agreed to take turns and borrow it from one another. I may have to surprise them with a few more in different characters when I get some extra cash. My son said he loves that it's sooooo soft and my daughter just thinks it super cool! I think it's adorable and a very smart I have a love hate relationship with the fox! considering in the last two years we've had a fair share sneaking up and snatching a chicken or two. They have to eat right? The mom hunting for her den of pups.......
Well this fox has less bite but awhole lot more charm!

( Tried to link to Lauras' etsy shop and add pics of the amazing details she put into wrapping &packaging this scarf but blogger is acting a fool again!)(Will add more pics & link later!)


Thursday, January 19, 2012

I SEE savings!

Have you ever purchased eyeglasses online? I had never tried it before and thought how could you possibly get a good fit if you order online?
Well frustration sent me online to try it and I'm so pleased!
I broke my eyeglasses right between the eyes as I was trying to bend them to fit my face better.
Irritated I called my optometrist office to see if I had a warranty and conveniently it had only just run out. Grrr...I have not been happy with those very expensive glasses from the beginning and the customer service was shotty at best.
So I found a site online and thought with the great prices I'd give it a shot. A call to my Doc's office and within three days I had my prescription and set out to order online.
I decided to try a really cheap pair first to see if I liked their service.
I only paid $6.95 NO JOKE! for prescription glasses! and less than $5.00 dollars for shipping.
7-14 days was the delivery estimation and I got mine in about 9 days.
They came in a hard body box, inside a hard body case and included was a lens cloth.
The fit was perfection and the prescription was exact.
I couldn't be More happy with my glasses and plan to buy More pairs soon.
For the price, I can buy many pairs!
Like I said I basically bought the cheapest pair I could from the styles I liked just to see if they were any good; they were.
I just have a standard prescription but they do bi-focal etc...
and for a very small fee they have extras like anti-glare etc....
So if you're in the market or a new pair of glasses give them a try.

I've also ordered another 2 pairs from another site and will review those when I get them. has no idea that I am doing this review. This is my own opinion of their site,service and quality of glasses.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

After The Snow Melted Everyone Stared--

After it snowing for 3 days straight, I thought the snow would stick around for awhile! No, it rained and rained melting away all the snow. I guess I was  alittle excited to try my new winter boots and why do I care people were looking at me funny because there wasn't any snow on the ground and I'm ready for a blizzard? 

Instead I sloshed my way into the police station to pay a ticket! ugh...I guess my son comes by it honestly...lead foot and all.

I know that pictures with the background being my trash can isn't exactly glam photography but sometimes you just gotta work with what cha got!

Pea coat/Old navy
Plaid top/thrifted in Arkansas
Teal tank/old navy
striped scarf/thrifted

Would I do dat?... (Yes! you little...I mean GIANT pain in the @ss, you would! but I still LOVE YOU!) :)


Monday, January 16, 2012

Missonish ZigZag Bangle For You--Win It!

While out and about, taking my daughter and her BFF shopping we ran across a store called Roses. We had never been there before and decided to check it out. Well it's a discount store that is the size of nearly two football fields packed to the gills with overstock from Kohl's,Target,old navy etc...I was like a kid in a candy store considering I bought a grey ruffled neckline wool coat with a cute back bow holding the belt in place for 31.00 and 25% off that! The brand is Therapy which I believe is a Kohl's brand.
We found some really great deals and I was in a generous mood. So I snatched up a few bangles and then had the idea that I should give one away on my blog.
I'm not sure if it is Missoni for Target or not but it is a really pretty bangle. It fit over my man hands so I know it will fit everyone else that might enter to win it. The nice feature about it other than the colors,zigzag and sparkle is the fact that one side is narrower than the other so on and off is a breeze.
So if you'd like a chance to win and your odds are pretty good considering I have only 19followers. Then enter!
TO WIN: Just leave a comment on this post about how you would style it & be a follower of mine either bloglovin or google friend connect. Contest ends Monday 23,2012
Hope you enter!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

These Birds Don't Fly Away--Much

First let me point out that I GOT MY ASOS DRESSES haha...
Second you will notice that the very bottom picture I have a different belt and vest on. I couldn't decide how to wear this dress and am still on the fence as to whether I like either way I styled it.
I drooled over this dress on the asos site. I waited patiently for it to go on sale. It never did! so I ended up paying way more than I usually would for a dress. I became slightly carried away with the extra cash I had saved and saved to buy Christmas for the family. When I finally finished up my shopping for everyone else I had money to spare, so I splurged on myself :)

I love the print but the feel of the fabric is very synthetic. Which it should be considering it's polyester. It came shipped to me a wrinkled up mess and I spent a good hr at least ironing it very carefully. I put an old pillow case over the fabric then ironed each section.

If you intend to buy this dress I would suggest a size smaller than your usual. I ordered a US size 18 and it was falling off my shoulders of which I had to keep pulling then forward because the shoulders were to big and the elastic waist liked to creep up under my boobs. Pull,pull,pulling all day is not my idea of fun. I hope by some miracle it will shrink when I wash it . I doubt it considering it's synthetic.
So the dress runs big.
I felt I had to anchor it somehow. The vest seemed to fit the bill until I saw the last pics and changed the belt and vest real quick. Still not sure I like either but I couldn't keep yanking the dress forward and the shoulder up all day. The sleeves felt really long too so I rolled them. I am 5 10 (Mom says 5 11--Hi MOM!)  ladies so if the sleeves felt long on me?
Overall I will handle abit of irritation because I am still in LOVE with the print and the shape of the dress. Would I spend that much on it again? NO!

I feel I will get alot of use out of this dress. The colors and the simple shape I think will make it easy to pair and style different ways.

PS: Don't mind the background, I was hanging up the couch cover and dog blankets to dry after a good wash! haha

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lots Of Plenty--

I never make New Year's resolutions. I mean why put yourself through the guilt when you don't accomplish whatever it is you resolved yourself to do? That being said, I told myself that I was going to get to all the boxes of my kids clothing organized into ebay lots and get them listed! So far i've got them put into lots of  "like" or cordinating auctions & photographed. Now I just need to get them listed. What I'm showing you is just a tiny bit of what I need to list in my ebay&etsy stores; planning to list this week.
Obviously my children are spoiled. I'd like to take the credit but with 2sets of grandparents and at one time 4sets, they get what they want usually. If I say no (which is often) the grandparents always say yes and then some.
Today I was dressed like a vagabond trying to get some heavy lifting and dusty organizing out of the way. Tomorrow I plan on getting abit more professional as I find it helps motivate me to get work done and feel like I'm really accomplishing something. When you work from home it's easy to stay in your warm sweats & slippers all day!
Stay tuned for upcoming asos dresses...they finally arrived.

 Size 5, 6, 7 boys jeans lot w/polo&gymboree shirts
 Boy's Nike sweats lot
 Junior Girls Rocker/Punk phase lot
 Girls Justice/oldnavy summery lot sz 12-14
 Vintage multi fibers jacket
 Vintage floral short dress/plus size/ W/ Granny collar
 Pandas anyone? Juniors 12-14
 Twilight's Bella Jacket-NWT's
 Aeropostale/underarmor/Nike Junior Girls lot M
 Vintage look fringe boots-New
 Vintage shortie leather boots
 Animal print w/ Gold sparkles tennis shoes
 Guess white pebbled leather satchel/Mustard yellow leather bag
 Vintage mustard yellow lizard skin w/snake buckles
Vintage sweater cape

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I wanted my first post back to be my new dress from asos but they still haven't arrived :( I treated myself to 4 dresses in fact and am awaiting...............them. To asos credit they have been shipped and as a matter of fact were in Cincinnati as of the 29th of December so I don't know what the deal is. In the meantime some quick pics of what I've been doing just before Christmas and after on our trip to Arkansas. I've not had a moment to relax! We are already back to school and in full swing of activities etc...It feels like it's been a mad rush and I've hardly a second to enjoy it! Plus I've given up caffeine of any form ie coffee, pop etc...and I've had no energy and a massive migraine.....

Rocco still loves to make sugar cookies! 

Our daughter getting ready for the Christmas formal with Dad & Rocco 
 Rocco and his cookie decorating

The closet before the presents were put under the tree

 The four kids

 Our trip to Arkansas included some thrift shops and flea markets.
I bought two paintings. One of a bird and the one below with the girl and bunnies in a field.

 We played chicken track......that's what they call it in Arkansas
 The kids all took turns on Grandpa Toms motorcycle.

See you soon and hopefully I'll be blogging about my new dresses...if they ever arrive!