Thursday, January 19, 2012

I SEE savings!

Have you ever purchased eyeglasses online? I had never tried it before and thought how could you possibly get a good fit if you order online?
Well frustration sent me online to try it and I'm so pleased!
I broke my eyeglasses right between the eyes as I was trying to bend them to fit my face better.
Irritated I called my optometrist office to see if I had a warranty and conveniently it had only just run out. Grrr...I have not been happy with those very expensive glasses from the beginning and the customer service was shotty at best.
So I found a site online and thought with the great prices I'd give it a shot. A call to my Doc's office and within three days I had my prescription and set out to order online.
I decided to try a really cheap pair first to see if I liked their service.
I only paid $6.95 NO JOKE! for prescription glasses! and less than $5.00 dollars for shipping.
7-14 days was the delivery estimation and I got mine in about 9 days.
They came in a hard body box, inside a hard body case and included was a lens cloth.
The fit was perfection and the prescription was exact.
I couldn't be More happy with my glasses and plan to buy More pairs soon.
For the price, I can buy many pairs!
Like I said I basically bought the cheapest pair I could from the styles I liked just to see if they were any good; they were.
I just have a standard prescription but they do bi-focal etc...
and for a very small fee they have extras like anti-glare etc....
So if you're in the market or a new pair of glasses give them a try.

I've also ordered another 2 pairs from another site and will review those when I get them. has no idea that I am doing this review. This is my own opinion of their site,service and quality of glasses.


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  1. whoa-- I've never heard of them before! but I do need a new pair of glasses. I will definitely be checking them out!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights