Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lots Of Plenty--

I never make New Year's resolutions. I mean why put yourself through the guilt when you don't accomplish whatever it is you resolved yourself to do? That being said, I told myself that I was going to get to all the boxes of my kids clothing organized into ebay lots and get them listed! So far i've got them put into lots of  "like" or cordinating auctions & photographed. Now I just need to get them listed. What I'm showing you is just a tiny bit of what I need to list in my ebay&etsy stores; planning to list this week.
Obviously my children are spoiled. I'd like to take the credit but with 2sets of grandparents and at one time 4sets, they get what they want usually. If I say no (which is often) the grandparents always say yes and then some.
Today I was dressed like a vagabond trying to get some heavy lifting and dusty organizing out of the way. Tomorrow I plan on getting abit more professional as I find it helps motivate me to get work done and feel like I'm really accomplishing something. When you work from home it's easy to stay in your warm sweats & slippers all day!
Stay tuned for upcoming asos dresses...they finally arrived.

 Size 5, 6, 7 boys jeans lot w/polo&gymboree shirts
 Boy's Nike sweats lot
 Junior Girls Rocker/Punk phase lot
 Girls Justice/oldnavy summery lot sz 12-14
 Vintage multi fibers jacket
 Vintage floral short dress/plus size/ W/ Granny collar
 Pandas anyone? Juniors 12-14
 Twilight's Bella Jacket-NWT's
 Aeropostale/underarmor/Nike Junior Girls lot M
 Vintage look fringe boots-New
 Vintage shortie leather boots
 Animal print w/ Gold sparkles tennis shoes
 Guess white pebbled leather satchel/Mustard yellow leather bag
 Vintage mustard yellow lizard skin w/snake buckles
Vintage sweater cape

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