Friday, November 11, 2011

Burberry--Need I say more?

No, I don't need to say more but I will of course :)
Over the last few weeks I have been researching and sending out pictures of closeup details like the logo on this trench, the stitching/seaming, inside tags etc. to find out if this is indeed an authentic Burberry trench. One thing that had me wondering was the fact that it read 'Burberrys' which I had never seen before so assumed it was a fake.
I found a lady of ebay who writes reviews of "How to spot a fake Burberry" well she sent me over to another ebay user who specializes in selling Burberry coats.
I sent him photo's and he authenticated the trench! I was so thrilled to find out that this was indeed a real Burberry and not a replica. He said that the 'Burberrys' logo was dropped around 1999 and replaced with just Burberry. He dated the Trench pre 1999. This makes this trench vintage and fantastic! also the prorsum was a runway line designed to get people reinterested in Burberry as a brand. Mrs. Bravo took over head of development ( I guess the same woman who reinvented Sak's in the 80's and kept them afloat and then some)

Now the question is what to do, what to do? I bought this trench for $8.99 and it's nearly mint condition. It still has the inspection tags attached in the pockets and has the extra buttons bag with buttons still. It is clean and nice with no holes,stains etc. The only thing is this Trench looks to have a removeable wool collar and lining missing. That's a bummer :( but most do of this age. This Trench in it's time would have sold for close to $2,000 dollars. Amazing isn't it?

I tried it on and it is slightly long in the arms. The size reads 40L. The expert said this was a mans trench but everything I've read about the prorsum line says it was developed for women. But the tag reading 40L reads like a guys coat would. So I've sized it an 18/20 womens and 40L mens.
If I were to keep it I'd want to get it shortened and finding a great tailor around here I bet would be nearly impossible.

Something about the Burberry products really excites me. Not that it's designer etc..but I've always loved the Nova Check pattern. Usually I don't give to rats @ss about labels but this one is close to my heart. Maybe because my Grandpa used to wear a Burberry trench and kept a pocket of butterscotch hard candies  for us kids.  I don't know what ever happened to it.....


  1. Wow! A thrift find to end all thrift finds! (or maybe just one more reason why I keep going back, hoping to find that one big score!) Congrats!

  2. that is an amazing find! wow! congrats! :)))) its really pretty


  3. Lucky! I dream of one day being able to afford a Burberry scarf!

  4. That is a really amazing trench! Also, thank you for your sweet comment last week about my etsy shop! :)

    star-crossed smile

  5. That is an absolutely fantastic find. Thanks for linking up!

  6. I found a similar trench that looks very similar. Can you forward me your contacts from your above mention, "I found a lady of ebay who writes reviews of "How to spot a fake Burberry" well she sent me over to another ebay user who specializes in selling Burberry coats"? I would like to contact this person and send some pictures and get an idea if my 42L is real/fake. Thanks!

  7. Hi! Pretty interested in contact the ebay user who specializes in selling Burberry coats because I am in your same situation. Could you let me know?

    Thanks for sharing such an useful information!

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  9. H Giddyup! (sorry for the delete on the previous comment -had some type-o's)
    I 'm also interested in contacting the ebay user who specializes in selling Burberry coats. Got one on Ebay and now sitting it out...have 14 days to return. Could you please let me know?

    Congrats on such a find... and thanks in advance for sharing where I can to go to find out if mine is a fake.