Monday, November 14, 2011

Say It! Don't spray it! --

I've been of the idea lately that to take my outfits from drab to fab I need to add some interesting accessories that I for one reason or another seem to have a problem with. I hate it when I feel overdone or trying to hard. I rather go without any accessories than look like "Whoa! she's trying to hard" I want to look effortlessly pulled together. My lust list with shoes is far and wide. I adore shoes!
Here are a few of my LUST LIST wants but shall NOT receive anytime soon!
Although the above Dansko I was able to find on ebay brand NEW and snatched them up for a total of $40.00 w shipping. Except mine are brown.
What do you think people? opaque tights with sandals or open toes OK? for a MOM?  because I didn't get a chance to debut them at the end of summer and they are all shiny and pretty calling my name in the closet...come out to play with me...I hear them echoing...

If you haven't guessed it I'm in a silly funky mood. I guess the near 60degrees with raging warm winds has something to do with it.

A highlight of our night was our 7yr old Rocco took his pint size little blue chair, front and center in the living room and read us like the teach would his 5 little books that are helping him learn his sight and spelling words for this week. Well after about the 3rd book I glanced over at the two teens listening and both had a zombie like look on their face and I guess I did too...trying not to yawn and do head jerks from falling asleep...if anyone has ever listened to a child learning to read...monotone monotone monotone...but we pulled it together and clapped and told him how great he is doing! he beamed from ear to ear.

Well I was giddy and sleepy and punchy so standing in the kitchen I had a single serving bag of chips from subway earlier...I started doing the lines from Twilight..."Say it!" "Say it!" as I bite into chips and spray them when I talk...then I turn and pretend to be bella "Vampire!" and again do the silly chip thing and over dramatize it. The TEEN are cracking up and saying "What is wrong with you Mom?" and then my second oldest ruins it by saying "Izzy! she's on the DOPE!" they thought that was even funnier than my reenactment. Darn show stealer's!
We were rolling on the floor when my 7yr old Rocco says "What's the Dope Mom?"




  1. I am craving Danskos like no other, lately.... I am not quite sure why! My mom found me a couple pairs that she's sending me, so hopefully that will take care of my "cravings." I really like those sandals! and I think tights would look nice with them-- like dark maroon or hunter green paired with a simple dress!
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  2. these are so adorable! i'm loving them! I recently got some cute ones from forever 21 that kind of remind me of the nordstrom ones you posted, and those modcloth want!!!


  3. Nieman Marcus boots for the win! Love the green at the top!