Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just a little Fix'en--

 I thrifted this Lane Bryant striped sweater(open front cardigan) even though it had a hole on the chest. It wasn't a tear all the way through so I figured I could fix it eventually. I am debating on what i want to cover it once I stitch it up. I might still wait and get a red heart confetti iron on from ebay. What do you think? I didn't have to many options to choose from and picked up the poodle because that's the only iron on the store had. Then I saw the mustard buttons and I bought those too. The lady at the checkout out said "Oh! you making a poodle skirt?" so that kinda changed my mind about using the poodle. Then I thought about just waiting and doing military buttons all the way down on both sides after I fix the little hole.


  1. looks cute! i think an ancor would look cute, just because the stripes are kinda navy like, but thats just my opinion :) I like the red buttons too! :)


  2. oohhh I love DIY! I think an anchor would look cool too! :)

    Olivia :) x
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