Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Talking Turkey--

My son came home from school and exclaimed " Do you know we eat turkey on Thanksgiving?" he was shocked! then proceeded to ask if we were going to eat "OUR" turkey for Thanksgiving. Rest assured little man...we aren't eating ours anytime soon. With a "Whew" and noticeable relief Rocco went on to play his favorite game with the Turkey. He shoots his nerf gun at the windows and the turkey are so curious they come up to the window and try and get the little orange suction cup bullets that stick to the windows. Hey! free fun right? Did I mention we are CITY people who moved to the COUNTRY and now have a mini farm and have to find ways to amuse ourselves and the animals lol...

Ex claimer: No pet turkey( November & December I'm talking to you!) will be harmed,eaten or sacrificed for our Thanksgiving dinner. However we are not friends with the turkey that may or may not be on the In laws table :) Yum...


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  1. awww you guys have a turkey! that's so/ cool that you have a mini farm! My husband and I really want to move to the country somewhere where we can be close to local farms!
    ♥ laura
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