Monday, November 7, 2011

Who Does That ?--

   I have a problem! It lives 4 houses down and I just don't get it...Let me start from the beginning as
more than likely, your already confused. Two years ago around April or so I was taking the garbage out after gutting the house.I was wearing holey sweat pants, an old flannel shirt, slippers and an old flannel shirt of my husbands that was bleach stained (Not meeting new people wardrobe!) when this White van pulls into the drive. I stop mid walking to the garbage cans that are around side the house. I thought it was the postman. It wasn't the postman but a woman I have NEVER seen before. Well in a rush she explained that she noticed our basketball hoop and thought they must have kids! she goes on to say that she is new in the area and lives in that white two story down the road, that she has two kids and is looking for childcare in a hurry because she has a new job and starts today. As I stand there garbage bags in hand I listen trying to gain an understanding of her ramblings and if I was hearing right. So I went on to say "You need a babysitter today?" yes,yes exactly! was her reply...and I noticed you had response "but you don't know me?" with a question on my face. Anyhow so I told her No, I couldn't possibly babysit right this minute on the spot. She seemed irritated and then worried about what she was going to do...
This lady was very demanding and invasive as to if I worked and if so what did I do  etc..etc...and wanted me to watch her kids that very same day after just forcing herself meeting me. I was kinda put off and freaked out but I told her I'd take her number, that I was a work from home mom right now and possibly could watch her kids in the future. The next morning at 8am  a loud bang on the door! it's her with her 5yr old daughter. Before I could realize what was happening this lady was dashing off and thanking me as she ran away. I was steaming mad! she put me on the spot and what was I to do? she even went so far as to say that she could leave her with her brother who was slightly mentally retarded so I contemplated a million different scenario's throughout the day and tried to make the girl happy and my son the same age liked her.She did have a fake knife of my sons and when I turned around to check in on them was sliding across her throat and growling at my son....UGH! again I was creeped out but thought that it was such an odd interaction that I was making more out of it then it was. Anyhow...the lady comes back get her kid and no sooner did I see her pull into her drive I called and said "Hey! I talked to my husband and he doesn't want me I can't watch her again. blah blah blah...nice meeting you and maybe we can get together sometime etc..etc...

This was April.Mother's Day comes around and we decide to try this new little Italian restaurant in town that just opened. It's really dark with candles on the table and I am so excited about actually eating out just the two of us that I am totally focused on my husband and nothing around me except that from where I'm sitting I can see them cooking. My husband travels so we have to play catch up alot. For one reason or another we start talking about that lady 4 houses down...I even let my imagination get away with me and say that the boyfriend could be a child molester or something because that's what they do...lure in single women with children just to prey on the kids. The guy has had at least 3 U-hauls at three different times with three different women including this one. That we have noticed from our porch. Anyhow...Yes, we were gossiping! an hour or so goes by and I just happen to turn to my left, squint my eyes and OMG! there is this lady and her BF and another woman I don't recognize (Obviously listening to my entire conversation with my husband and not acknowledgeing being there) Their movement of getting up caught my eyes. She is smirking and looking at meweird and then says this is my other daughter. I felt red as an apple and my husband has no idea who they are. After they leave I explain and he laughed until I thought he was going to PEE himself.

Fast forward...

I have already told this lady I cannot babysit. Summer comes early here for our kids (In May) Every freaking day for about 2 weeks both the 5yr old and the 12yr old were beating on the door at 8am and staying until after dinner. At first it was ok. The older girl would swim with my kids
while the younger one played with our youngest. They'd eat at least two meals here. Not once did the mother ever call me on my cell, ask if it was ok or even contact her girls all DAY LONG. The straw that broke the camels back is when the oldest came by herself to swim and was wearing a thong
bathing suit. Well it was obvious that she took at liking to my second oldest son but this was so inappropriate! I sent her home!.( I called her mom and said that I didn't know if she knew it or not but I had two teenage boys and I thought skimpy bathing suits at her age was inappropriate) She replied that she was babysitting the youngest and she's from Columbus so...(Like that explains it!) that she only has her part time( The fact that I have teenage boys I thought would make her leery of having her preteen daughter going on 21 here but it didn't seem to phase her(  The same day she came back(dressed) and had a pit bull and rottweiler
with her. UGH! Just in convo with her I had mentioned that I seen their little white poodle jump straight up into her arms and walking with the Rottweiler. So she brings those two dogs to my house. I was really just fed up and I said " You need to take those two dogs home now! I don't trust em!
She left and that's the last we heard of them for awhile. Fast Forward again...She appears to sell girl scout cookies, try and sell me voucher's for massages, and always always always! shows up if I'm having a heated debate with the hubz. I mean come on!my husband can't stand her and once we were arguing and she pulled up and he squealed and threw dirt with his tires and she seemed to not notice the tension in the air! and went on and on and on about everyone in the neighborhood. I have lived here almost 7yrs and don't know even half of what she knows about everyone and anyone in this area. UGH! she is  a life SUCKER....I literally want to stab myself in her company. I have tried and tried with this woman. She tells me extremely weird things about her life she was a nurse and someone died suspiciously in her care and there is an ongoing investigation. Or she just finished massage school and can see that I am tense and I should let her give me a massage and she could teach me some breathing techniques. I feel like saying I am not breathing because your all up in my SPACE! get the F out!

But the WORST! I went into Goodwill favorite one and she was there! At first I thought she was just shopping and I tried to dunk down and not be seen...OH MY GOSH! She freaking WORKS there! I had to suffer and I mean SUFFER through her chatter while I checked out. I did well avoiding her until I got to the register and there she WAS..............I am so pissed off!


I feel kinda bad for disliking her soooooo much but she is from another planet. For example if the ones above aren't enough. She keeps asking if my DAD found a job yet because I had mentioned to her one day when she stopped over that the entire house was job hunting (meaning my Dad,Son,Son,Me) well my Dad passed away and she has been here since but everytime I see her she asks "Has your Dad found work yet?" then I say again "He passed away" then she is "Oh! that's right!" every TIME! so now either their is something mentally wrong with her or she is rubbing it in my face? that my Dad died? and wants to physically see me cringe when she asks about him.

Devine THESE!
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I would tell ya more about my outfit but after typing all that I'm just irriated all over again! :)


  1. Oh no... I am so sorry to hear about your problem. I try to seem as snobby as possible so people won't ever bother me, and I would recommend that, but your problem is past that point. :( I cannot believe the gall that woman has to just dump her kids off like that! I would've been ok with the first time, but seriously, I think that you should either have a serious sit-down with her and just tell her how you feel or maybe call some other 3rd party to intervene. I'm not quite sure who in particular, but it sounds like some kind of mental health/social services issue to me.

    Hope it all works out soon.

    ♥ laura
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  2. oh my goodness! I'm so sorry about your crazy psycho neighbor! she seems likea nightmare, i agree with you and think that she really isnt all there in her head. Its terrible that she even has kids! I agree with laura, you should deffinitely have a sit down with her and tell her, and hope she gets what you're trying to say. I know its hard because im sure she talks a whole bunch of nonsens about all the neighbors and you wouldnt want her talkign trash on your family but she can't be messing up your life much longer!

    I hope you're able to work it out!