Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lady in red--

Awhile back I purchased a few dresses from asos and they've been hanging around in my closet awaiting a debut. I hoped that the pieces I bought could transition into fall/winter and I think this in particular dress will. Being that it's sleeveless I can add a long sleeve T and heavy tights making it cold weather wearable. It is slightly big under the arms and in the bust area but I think it will shrink abit when washing. Overall I love the quality of fabric and details like the white stitching throughout. I paired it with my leopard print shoes,belt and animal print bag I bought at dot's for $18.00. I purchased it for a winter bag but couldn't resist wearing it today. This is the first time wearing this necklace too and I love it! I bought it awhile ago from Charlotte Russe while they were having a 3/$10.00 sale.

Leopard print shoes/Grandville outfitters
Black heart&rose charm necklace/Charlotterusse.com
Animal print bag/dot's

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Guilty! Your HONOR--

Some of you followed when I was ThriftyMomma and remember me telling you the tale of my second oldest son(4 kids) and his driving skills. Well back in early August he was stopped for passing on the highway and exceeding the speed limit. Today was his day to appear in court because apparently here in Ohio when your under 18 any and  every time you're stopped you have to appear before the Judge at Juvenile traffic court.

So I had two sons with me because the day before the primary school called and my youngest son was very sick and had to be cleaned up and sent home. Therefore I had to haul a sick 7 yr old with us this early morning(flash flood warning outside, pooring rain) only to enter the Juvenile courts building (Hall of Justice) and put my umbrella and purse through a ex ray and also walk through an ex ray. Make our way up to the third floor and check in. We sat for what felt like an eternity in this extremely long hallway with about 30 other kids and their moms. Finally called in, stood for the Judge and were sworn in, read our rights and what might or might not happen if we pleaded guilty or not guilty. One Mom and her son were before us and they plead not guilty and were instructed they would have a trial and if lost they would have to pay all court cost. Next was our turn and we plead guilty. Well before hand while waiting were were given a large booklet of what would happen second,third offense and so on...
This is my sons first offense and he was sentenced to the SECOND offense conditions. Which was a suspended license for 30 days, a 200 dollar fine, driving school, 500 word essay. After the sentencing we made our way back down the long hall to sign and pay the fees. At this point they asked my son for his license and ran it through a shredder, had him stand at a line and retook his picture and printed this on a piece of paper with restrictions for work and school driving only.

My son really made me mad because I told him to wear a dress shirt and nice pants so when I picked him up he conveniently forgot to bring dress pants. And it is NOT a fallacy that you are JUDGED by what you are wearing because as we were sitting there waiting and waiting a man came out of a door and walked down through all of us MOM and kids waiting...he did a noticeable pause with his cup of coffee at my son who was sitting across from me and looked down at his riped to HELL jeans. Guess what? He was the JUDGE! I swear he was sentenced more harshly because of his attire.

Later as we were still waiting, more parents and kids exited and we just in general asked what each other pleaded and everyone that had been there before gasped and said Oh no! always plead not guilty with this Judge, he really socks it to the kids! Geez...had we not been second maybe I would have seen how he Judge's and we would have pleaded differently.

The biggest thing I was worried about is had my son learned his lesson? had he realized that driving is serious business and not something you just wing and take for granted?
Well I think he has...He had to clear his throat a few times to speak to the Judge, I noticed him shaking abit when he had to stand and be photographed like a criminal. I don't know...I fluctuate between feeling like they are to harsh on the kids and feeling like well! you needed a wake up call!
If it helps to keep him alive and other while he's on that long wide road then I'm grateful!

As we were sitting at the table like on trial my youngest son was on my lap and he slumped down and laid his head on his arm and did a audible moan...the Judge looked straight at us and I elbowed him in the ribs to sit him upright. I mean come on, he's 7! Then he's laying on the hallway bench and sits up laughing as he exclaims " I farted, I farted" and he's sick remember? so the entire long hall is fanning themselves with crinkled up noses....

And the Judge's words of wisdom to Nick "If you're gonna drive take it seriously!"

I reached out for the manilla folder he sat in front of us as we were standing at the bench. He says " chuckle..."the baliff will handle that"

Sorry I've never been to court!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Simply Be --

Simply be sent me this cool catalog and I'm wanting,wanting,wanting. Has Anyone shopped online from there? Every page had me wanting something! I love the layout (very graphic and interesting) The prices were abit steep for me but I really want a few of their pieces esp. for fall/winter. If you've shopped there before let me know about the sizing,quality etc...please!
In the above picture I really want the toggle button cardigan with the built in faux fur vest...below I want that sweater with the elbow patches! and one of each pair of boots ha,ha!
To bad I'm not established enough to have offers of FREE product if I review it. Yeap! for this company and it's goodies I would do it! sadly that's not happening anytime soon so I will have to save my pennies and hope it goes on sale and doesn't sell out!

 Because for now all my money goes HERE (see below) Yes! SpongeBob takes all my money...lol

We celebrated our youngest sons birthday over the weekend. Whew! I am worn out with all these birthdays.

Monday, August 15, 2011


So over the weekend we celebrated my Daughters 14th Birthday. What a good time! We had a water balloon fight, swam, ate pizza and late into the night sat around a bon fire and made smore's. We had lot's of teenagers and younger ones running around....good times. And of course they had the music blasting our eardrums out! lol

White Capri's-Walmart
Royal blue summer sweater-Thrifted
Teal sandals-onestoplus.com
Necklace-dollar store

Above-My Daughter and her BFF wore their faux black glasses around....they said the Nerd look was so in....and they even taped the middle. How cute!

I am grateful for my children :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Alot of Cargo--

I wanted to be pulled together yet look easy breezy. Lot's to do today and late into the evening. Before the year even starts I'm Shuffling kids to events at school and pictures for sports before they even start. Then back home for a quick dinner and out the door again tonight. But I wanted to quickly get these pictures up.....

It's no secret I love reading other blogs and getting inspiration. One thing I've noticed on many blogs is the layered bracelet look. First I love the look but if I have to fasten 8 or 9 different bracelets I'd go mad. Luckily I bought so bangles so they just slip on but my vintage pieces and my Dad's have to be fastened. This would drive me nuts if everyday I spent the time to put on and take these off. Anyone have a good trick to put on a clasp bracelets without them slipping off your wrist just as you are about to fasten it? UGH! The skirt used to be ankle length cargo skirt with cute floral pockets from the Gap. I felt the length was so outdated so I cut it off then washed it to give it a slight fray. The pocket falls at the hemline but I still think it looks ok. The T-shirt I thrifted for .50cents. Overall I think this outfit is summery, easy and pulled together. 

Striped top-Goodwill
Cargo skirt-Gap-Thrifted
Bracelets-dot's, vintage, Dad
Black sandals-Target (not Kmart like I said previous post)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Modern & Edgy (for me)

I'm in LOVE with this seller homako.etsy.com on etsy. She makes wonderful, modern felt & fabric, wood jewelry. I ordered this black wooden triangle necklace and I am so thrilled. Wonderful attention to detail and beautiful craftsmanship. The packaging was really cute too!! So I paired my new necklace with a thrifted yummy sand color top that I paid maybe $1.99 for. I really like this outfit. I feel modern and edgy with the simple color palette and the edgy accessories. I'm loving my zip ankle crops from Fashion bug and I think it helps add to the modern feel of this outfit.  It's super comfortable and a fashion inspiration taken from fashionHayley.com. Check out her blog if you get a chance. I have admired how she adds bold accessories to a neutral color palette for some time and wanted to try it myself.

Sand Top-Thrifted
Black zip ankle crops-Fashion bug
Black sandals-Kmart ?
earrings-Casey young-etsy
Gold I.D. Bracelet-Sheila (My moms)

Monday, August 8, 2011

LOVE in the rain--

 So I took this picture while waiting in the car for my husband to finish fishing. I tagged along with him to his favorite fishing hole when a short time later it began pouring rain. When I started to see lightning I hurried with all the hubz extra fishing gear to the car and what else is there to do beside write words in the fog?

 Let me start by saying NO! I am not Pregnant! In case your wondering.
I realize I look prego but hey it's a cool dress to wear on a really hot day and I like the subtle boho look to it.  I went thrift shopping real quick last week on my way home from errands (ran in and ran out) because the kids waited in the steamy car (their choice) I found this for $1.99 and a few other pieces.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fish Bones--

Overall I liked this outfit. I wish I wasn't so self aware about my wide upper arms because then I could wear sleeveless without worry. I always wear a cardi to cover my upper arms and lately it's just so hot and I really rather just be sleeveless. In the lower pictures I'm standing in my office that has quickly become overflowing with vintage finds that I sell on etsy. I am in the process of redoing this space. I get very moody when I feel disorganized and it seems we are pushing at the seams of this house.

5 button front denim capri-thrifted-Lane Bryant
Striped side tie top-Walmart
White Fish Bone necklace-etsy

I was so excited a few weeks back when I checked the mail and this little package was there. Even more excited when I opened the package and seen how cute it was wrapped. This etsy store pays attention to detail and I love that. I ordered a vintage fish bone necklace that I thought was different and would work well with my wardrobe. If your interested check out http://www.etsy.com/people/gathersalot they have lots of cute vintage things.

Check out the receipt above. For 4 kids back to school supplies. I mean there were a few grocery items in there but overall this is what I had to pay for just what they needed for back to school. I just hate those back to school supply list ! Whatever happened to a pad of paper, box of crayons and a few pencils?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bye bye summertime you will be missed!

It feels like the summer just begun and here we are nearly at the end. My kids go back the 17th of August and the day is soon approaching. I knew this yet feel in a panic to get everyone organized and ready for back to school. That's why I haven't posted outfit pictures because I've been wearing yoga capri's,old T-shirt and a baseball cap. My uniform to fight the crowds that seem to consume stores about this time. Everyone scrambling for back to school supplies,deals, clothing and college dorm room things.

 Over the summer we added two new lop-earred cuties to the family (Gizmo&Bambi)
 We've welcomed Jasmine into our family and got to know her alittle better. She is adjusting pretty good. I swear sometimes she gives me looks just like my Dad did. Our Shepard is a tiny bit jealous as you can tell from the pictures lol...but all is working out well. My daughter adores her and the more animals the better in her eyes.

 We've tried to spend as much time in the backyard swimming, having picnic lunches and general good times. Something about eating lunch after swimming all day, wrapped up in a towel. Just wonderful!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Favorite find--etsy shop!

My Daughters birthday is coming up and I know how much she loves the facebook heart or International heart symbol. I was searching for a ring that I saw on another blog that was similar but much, much cheaper when I stumbled across this fabulous shop called smilingsilversmith.etsy.com Check out these cute pieces. I think I will get my daughter the heart ring it's so stinking cute! I love the piggy bank&coin necklace for me...

I've been missing in action while trying to get school shopping done x 4! Be back soon....