Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lady in red--

Awhile back I purchased a few dresses from asos and they've been hanging around in my closet awaiting a debut. I hoped that the pieces I bought could transition into fall/winter and I think this in particular dress will. Being that it's sleeveless I can add a long sleeve T and heavy tights making it cold weather wearable. It is slightly big under the arms and in the bust area but I think it will shrink abit when washing. Overall I love the quality of fabric and details like the white stitching throughout. I paired it with my leopard print shoes,belt and animal print bag I bought at dot's for $18.00. I purchased it for a winter bag but couldn't resist wearing it today. This is the first time wearing this necklace too and I love it! I bought it awhile ago from Charlotte Russe while they were having a 3/$10.00 sale.

Leopard print shoes/Grandville outfitters
Black heart&rose charm necklace/Charlotterusse.com
Animal print bag/dot's

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  1. you look fabulous in this red dress, every girl should have a red dress! Love the leopard print bag with the dress, it's perfect. The necklace looks so sweet and charming too.