Monday, August 15, 2011


So over the weekend we celebrated my Daughters 14th Birthday. What a good time! We had a water balloon fight, swam, ate pizza and late into the night sat around a bon fire and made smore's. We had lot's of teenagers and younger ones running around....good times. And of course they had the music blasting our eardrums out! lol

White Capri's-Walmart
Royal blue summer sweater-Thrifted
Necklace-dollar store

Above-My Daughter and her BFF wore their faux black glasses around....they said the Nerd look was so in....and they even taped the middle. How cute!

I am grateful for my children :)


  1. oh so fun! i remember being 14 and how great life was back then. Happy birthday to her! :) looks like she got have a fun birthday. Love your sandals too by the way! :)


  2. There is nothing like having fun and making happy memories with your kids. It looks like a wonderful party. We have an Intex pool, too. Have a great weekend! Debbie