Monday, August 8, 2011

LOVE in the rain--

 So I took this picture while waiting in the car for my husband to finish fishing. I tagged along with him to his favorite fishing hole when a short time later it began pouring rain. When I started to see lightning I hurried with all the hubz extra fishing gear to the car and what else is there to do beside write words in the fog?

 Let me start by saying NO! I am not Pregnant! In case your wondering.
I realize I look prego but hey it's a cool dress to wear on a really hot day and I like the subtle boho look to it.  I went thrift shopping real quick last week on my way home from errands (ran in and ran out) because the kids waited in the steamy car (their choice) I found this for $1.99 and a few other pieces.

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  1. That dress is super cute!