Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bye bye summertime you will be missed!

It feels like the summer just begun and here we are nearly at the end. My kids go back the 17th of August and the day is soon approaching. I knew this yet feel in a panic to get everyone organized and ready for back to school. That's why I haven't posted outfit pictures because I've been wearing yoga capri's,old T-shirt and a baseball cap. My uniform to fight the crowds that seem to consume stores about this time. Everyone scrambling for back to school supplies,deals, clothing and college dorm room things.

 Over the summer we added two new lop-earred cuties to the family (Gizmo&Bambi)
 We've welcomed Jasmine into our family and got to know her alittle better. She is adjusting pretty good. I swear sometimes she gives me looks just like my Dad did. Our Shepard is a tiny bit jealous as you can tell from the pictures lol...but all is working out well. My daughter adores her and the more animals the better in her eyes.

 We've tried to spend as much time in the backyard swimming, having picnic lunches and general good times. Something about eating lunch after swimming all day, wrapped up in a towel. Just wonderful!


  1. The rabbits are beyond cute.

    We still have a few more weeks up here -- school starts back the first week of Sept but the "back to school" advertising has started. Oy!

  2. I AM NOT SHOWING THESE PHOTOS TO MY DAUGHTER!!! We got a puppy but she is asking for a bunny!! Too cute! Where did you get the lop-eared ones??

  3. Hi Maya! We got the two lop earred at Tractor supply company. Once in awhile they will have rabbits :)