Friday, August 12, 2011

Alot of Cargo--

I wanted to be pulled together yet look easy breezy. Lot's to do today and late into the evening. Before the year even starts I'm Shuffling kids to events at school and pictures for sports before they even start. Then back home for a quick dinner and out the door again tonight. But I wanted to quickly get these pictures up.....

It's no secret I love reading other blogs and getting inspiration. One thing I've noticed on many blogs is the layered bracelet look. First I love the look but if I have to fasten 8 or 9 different bracelets I'd go mad. Luckily I bought so bangles so they just slip on but my vintage pieces and my Dad's have to be fastened. This would drive me nuts if everyday I spent the time to put on and take these off. Anyone have a good trick to put on a clasp bracelets without them slipping off your wrist just as you are about to fasten it? UGH! The skirt used to be ankle length cargo skirt with cute floral pockets from the Gap. I felt the length was so outdated so I cut it off then washed it to give it a slight fray. The pocket falls at the hemline but I still think it looks ok. The T-shirt I thrifted for .50cents. Overall I think this outfit is summery, easy and pulled together. 

Striped top-Goodwill
Cargo skirt-Gap-Thrifted
Bracelets-dot's, vintage, Dad
Black sandals-Target (not Kmart like I said previous post)


  1. I definitely like the frayed look! Debbie

  2. I really love the striped shirt. It's so classic and there are so many things you can do with it!