Thursday, May 31, 2012

Swan's & Hare's Oh My!

Just a quick little post

to tell you of my recent wares...

They took forever to get here,

but who cares!

Well worth the wait in seconds,minutes,hours,

Others just can't compare.

Eshakti has me trying my hand at poetry. I love them so much.

I ordered my two items April 27th and they just arrived yesterday...

I have been kinda upset and bummed about my order not getting here but it's a happy dance when it does!

I don't care they were late and I didn't have the blouse for the event I needed it for. Truth be told the

event was a bust and I am excited to find new places to wear these two blouses out to...

I ordered a swan print pussy bow blouse and a rabbit print pussybow blouse.


Plus they refund money for being late!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Putting The Skinny In Skinny!

Thanks to everyone who gave me encouragement to accomplish my goals in the last post! I really appreciate it.
I will be getting over to your blogs as soon as I have a half second....
I'm not even going to apologize for not blogging in awhile because it's bound to happen again. I set my mind and goals to blog at least 3days a week and then something happens to keep me from it.
I've been uninspired lately because my closet to a dive! Yep! it couldn't bear the weight of all my thrifted finds anymore and broke right out of the wall. I fixed it twice and twice it fell again...then I went to Sutherland's and spent a 100.00 bucks and really FIX it! yippy!

So in the meantime I was just wearing what was on top...or recently what the kids bought me for Mother's day; more skinny jeans and this time blue! These are a size 16 and abit BIG! I think when I wash them they will shrink...I had to take back and exchange my YELLOW pair that I bought on the $40.00 challenge because I've lost weight. My daughter commented the other day "Mom you lose weight fast when you want to." and thinking about it I guess I do...that and put on weight fast. I don't ever just gain a few vanity pounds...No, I gain 65 or 70 lbs and quick!
I don't have any scales in the house to tell if I've lost but I can tell from the way my clothing is fitting and the fact that my Bra's all are slipping off the shoulder and the cup size is way to big now...ugh! the first thing to go you know!
I'm debating on buying a scale. I don't want to obsess about if I've lost or not. I just want to be healthy! and buying a scale I might be tempted then discouraged by the results...I don't know!

I have definitely gained muscle and my extra weight seems to be shifting to my mid section! I don't think that is possible but whatever! it's seems to be happening to me.

I am in the market for a new treadmill as I bought the one in the pictures below for 60.00 at Goodwill and it's belt is stretched and has become dangerous...wonder if you can buy replacement belts...hmmm
So that's a bummer as I have already gotten in the habit of using it everyday and now I can't!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blood Sweat & Tears Baby!

I had some blood work done and found out I am steps away from being diabetic

I have hypertension due to stress & weight

I have to manage my weight...So the sweat comes!

The tears come knowing I did this to myself!

I will be 40 in July...time to step the !@#$ up!

I have let my life control me instead of me controlling my life. I have to respect,love,enjoy myself !

and drop those who don't feel the same way...!

already started!