Monday, August 22, 2011

Simply Be --

Simply be sent me this cool catalog and I'm wanting,wanting,wanting. Has Anyone shopped online from there? Every page had me wanting something! I love the layout (very graphic and interesting) The prices were abit steep for me but I really want a few of their pieces esp. for fall/winter. If you've shopped there before let me know about the sizing,quality etc...please!
In the above picture I really want the toggle button cardigan with the built in faux fur vest...below I want that sweater with the elbow patches! and one of each pair of boots ha,ha!
To bad I'm not established enough to have offers of FREE product if I review it. Yeap! for this company and it's goodies I would do it! sadly that's not happening anytime soon so I will have to save my pennies and hope it goes on sale and doesn't sell out!

 Because for now all my money goes HERE (see below) Yes! SpongeBob takes all my

We celebrated our youngest sons birthday over the weekend. Whew! I am worn out with all these birthdays.

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  1. Sorry, I don't have an experience with simply be. That missoni-like dress looks cute. Congrats to your children. Our bdays are quite spread out.