Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life In Fast Forward...

Life has me crazy these past few weeks! But I have to confess I do it to myself...such as allowing my 19yr old professional dog trainer bring home his work! Fostering a German Shepard puppy...If your counting that makes 4 dogs! UgH! as cute as the little monster is he's much more work x's 10. One of my son's wants to name him Zeus and the other son wants to name him Havoc...hmm well I want to name him MONSTER...right now he's sleeping with his face in the food bowl shhhhhh.....maybe I should mention because I mention her once before and how much I love her blog and the next thing you know I have a comment from her...and maybe she will fall in love with dogs? as much as her cats and adopt a German Shepard? hmm, hmmm, hmmm? well why not? considering they become the size of an average adult she should have plenty of room right?  lol j/k but seriously her blog is one I try to read everyday and I really enjoy it. We couldn't be more different in life style etc but I love  her style just the same. (random thoughts happen occasionally)

Loving this Mustard trench I scored...wish it was my size!
  I set a goal for myself over at my etsy store and that was to get at least 150 items listed. Get my office space cleaned up and ready to repaint etc. Well, I was able to get a 149 items in total posted. Whew! that helps considering the other day while thrifting I spent a record breaking $84.00 dollars at two thrift stores and my husband was like you spent how much thrifting? but when I told him the potential profit I could make he was ok with it. I'm a little irritated considering I spent all this money and when I got home and starting looking through what I bought I noticed this mustard leather crossbody bag I bought was the time I noticed Goodwill was closed. So early this morning I called and no answer...waited till 9am called again. Yep! They have my bag and now I have to make a special trip into town just to get the bag. On the big scheme of things no biggie but yesterday I spent my entire day in the car! I get really sick of driving all day all day all day...
Is it really that difficult to put the stuff you buy in a bag?

This hat is so beautiful!

Little Devil inside that cute face!

Hand water colored prints I picked up...Love everything about them!

My attempt at a Yard Sale...very few customers and someone stole the John Deere tractor toy I had for sale grrr......and I sold mostly my Dads eagles which the first sale I almost said NO, those aren't for sale! and I had mixed feeling about selling my Dads things. But after I gave all 4 of my kids eagles, my husband and Myself eagles and stored a few in the hutch. Plus have painting,pictures,prints of eagles and wood carvings, wood etchings on tree stumps...what's a girl to do? 

PS: I've not been dressing my best considering all the cleaning out garage, taking care of puppy, running errands...I have cuts on the tops of my feet from puppy teeth, my nails are a mess and I over plucked my eyebrows a few months back and haven't plucked since now I look like a Yeti! need to get myself together...:) see ya soon!

PSS: I have so many comments not sure if I can get back with all of you! but I'll try--obviously a JOKE :)


  1. I love, love, love seeing all the stuff you found and that coat is to die for!

  2. You found some great buys, I love the mustard coat, although here in South Florida we don't even own them. BTW your whole message did get through to me. I sympathize with you over the panic, I have had to walk out of malls, grocery stores, easter egg hunts, have to sit on the end of the row in a movie theater etc. My family is really suportive, but I think they must think "oh gosh, here she goes again sometimes. The only semi-good advice I have is that I run most of my errands on weekday mornings right when stores open so there is no one there. That makes things a little better. Good look on your sales. I sell on Ebay, but have been too lazy to list lately. I have only ever sold one thing on Etsy.

  3. dog lover here...and that pup is so cute! i know they are a handful, though. your yard sale looks really nice and organized!

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