Monday, September 12, 2011

$15.00 In Free Merchandise--

Over the weekend I had a ton of errands to run as usual. Most of the time I wear a baseball hat, yoga pants and any Ole' over sized T-shirt of my husbands. More times then not someone shows up or I have an unexpected errand to run where I needed to be more presentable or I'm out in public and I look a mess! So I'm trying to be more pulled together in my casual attire and alittle less sloppy. It's really easy just to throw on a baseball cap with your hair in a ponytail through the back so it will be hard to give up. This outfit is nothing fancy but feels better and more polished then my standard "run around" attire.

One of the "To Do" on my list was stop into Goodwill and get my forgotten leather bag. Since I had to stop in anyway I decided to redeem my $15.00 in free merchandise by using my Smart Shoppers Pass. If you thrift, do you use that little red card?

If your not familiar with it let me explain. Goodwill has a program where if you spend $15.00 or more you get a stamp on this little smart shoppers pass they give you and when you get 10 stamps on  your card your next visit you get $15.00 in free merchandise.  I ended up using mine on this NWT's dress that I only paid $4.99 for and some mixing bowls marked France on the back with a pretty floral print and 4 custard baking dishes marked France. I am a sucker for French cookware.

Grey/red cardigan/thrifted last week (as part of my loot from last week)
Black chino's/thrifted
Grey shirt/Dot's (has a nice lace detail on the back)
Leopard print shoes/Grandville outfitters

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  1. I've never even heard of that until now! What a great deal!!! I don't often shop at Goodwill because mine is wayyy out of the way for me, but I love thrifting! That cardigan is really lovely!
    ♥ laura

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