Thursday, September 22, 2011

Away with the Muffin Top we Go--

I know it's there! yet I try and forget...the puffy band around my midsection that usually has people asking are you pregnant? If you haven't learned by now you probably never will that you don't ask any woman if she's pregnant unless you already know FOR SURE:) Just saying. That didn't happen to me today but has before. I actually didn't notice other than the occasional hiking up my jeans that my GUT was overlapping so much. Ah well! I felt good all day for what I had to do and I'm keeping this outfit on while I take my son and his car into the shop, exchange some clothing at The Children's Place for my other son ( I ordered him clothing online and the sizing I found was all wrong) and meet up with a blind date my son is taking to homecoming on the Guise that her and her parents have to sign a paper so my son can return it to his school since they attend different schools. I'm wagering he just wants to get a LOOK at her before the big day since they've met through mutual friends only over texting and FB.
 So the jacket in the pictures is hanging up and ready for part2(Thrifted,cleaned and shoulder pads removed) of the upcoming evening events. I think we might get Sushi...believe it or not my 7yr old loves it.
 I am spared from having to attend any fundraising meeting tonight or pick up my daughter from cheer practice because this morning at 5:45 am she asked me to cut her bangs and I did! umm..well...she has PMS(We call her Ester and it's a running joke with us. When she is growling at me and snippy I say "Ester! you better slow your roll" and she checks her attitude and adjusts it :)  and was emotional anyways and crampy and general blah feeling so cutting her bangs probably wasn't the best idea. So as I was trying to help her with a few different hairstyles before she got on the bus...I was holding a can of hairspray between my legs while I brushed and restyled over and over again,  all while it's still dark and I'm in my PJ's...the end result is she started crying and buried her head in my chest, wrapped her arms around me and sobbed. I let her stay home from school! what? yes, sometimes I'm a softy.
She said it's not her bangs, that she just doesn't feel well today...But while we are at the dreaded Mall I think a fix of my handywork is in order :)

Navy bow
striped jacket-Thrifted
leather cloudwalker shoes-NEW-thrifted


  1. I like the jacket, I actually found a similar one a few months back.

  2. I love that jacket too, it has a cool military vibe. I think it's wonderful to be a softy, btw. : >

  3. Lovely jacket-- the piping is awesome. Score! AND it's thrifted! super score!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  4. Love that jacket and the shoes. Thanks so much for linking up!

  5. It's a classic pretty style ! love it x

  6. I have serious jacket envy. I think I'm putting one like that on my shopping list ...

  7. Hey your blog is so sweet!
    Check out mine maybe we can follow each other :)

  8. you look so cute! i love that blazer! seriously, i love it. will it marry me? you look great!