Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Saddle Up--

I've had no choice but to take on the new mother role once again! therefore being preoccupied with poop,pee,teething,crying,whining and general me!me!me! that babies can't help but demand. Only this time the newborn resembles a black bear cub of which the resemblance has the entire family "fighting" over what to name this pup. Hubby wants to name him Bear, oldest son-Havoc, second oldest son-Zeus, daughter-striker, 7yr old-Bolt, Me with inaudible mummer's Monster,Demon,trouble,shi##er,Pisser, pain in the @ss etc..etc..etc...but then he looks at me with one ear perked up and larger in proportion to his head while the other is still folded over; cocks his head sideways and blinks with all the curiosity of a brand new life and I'm reduced to gushing awwww...sweetie, cutiepie, adorable pups..
Hence the reason I'm MIA lately; the night shifts are taking a bigger tole than when I had a 5,3 and newborn all at the same time...of course that was YEARS ago!
Wow as I type this I realize again , just how fast time flies. In November I'm going to have a 20yr old son! two more children in between and pulling up the rear our 7yr old surprise baby.
I'm in such a weird place! I feel proud and all job well done on one hand and complete panic and sorrow on the other. The sorrow is because here the oldest three are teenagers! and nearly gone...
Sometimes I wish I could go back to each ones birth and start again...not because I feel like I did anything major wrong but because I have enjoyed every minute of raising them. All to quick it has come and gone! I realize I have lots of milestones left (college graduations,marriages,grandchildren) but I realized when the oldest stepped foot in that college (even though he is still living at home) from that moment on life is moving at full speed and it will never be the same! I guess I'm slightly selfish because I think to myself this is the last time that these kids are ALL MINE, I have to now share them with the world!

Whoa! I've veered off the subject of fashion big time! When I started this darn blog (again) I told myself to just keep it fashion, light, trivial that this is my escape so don't bring my personal life into it. Well I've tried and failed. Screw it! Life happens and I think typing it out here helps me figure it all out. So many blogs I run across are anti MOM BLOGS and have snippy little comments about them. I'd like to think I'm a MOM BLOG,fashion blog, family blog, thrifty blog,plus size blog, eclectic blog etc..etc...

Come on! what is more inspiring? a woman who is twentysomething and all she has to do is go to school or work and post outfits of herself and abit about her life or a MOM who has a million kids, million things to do, has to meet every need of every person around her and try to find time to bathe let alone wear makeup or style her wardrobe and brushing her teeth for more than a half minute is a luxury. I don't mean to sound gross but I can't remember the last time I went potty without an audience and there is always an intermission!(talk about multitasking) Who is lucky if she has two minutes in the bathroom without someone sticking a can of spaghetti O's through the shower curtain and asking if you could make them whilst your face is covered in soap?  So the next time you run across a MOM BLOG take a minute to say THANKS...quit rolling your eyes and acting like the ME,ME,ME infant that you are and one day if your lucky and have EARNED  the title MOM; you can have a MOM BLOG too!

Anyways...the reason I came here in the first place. Check out this amazing leather saddle bag I thrifted! it's roomy, beautifully constructed with supple leather, bronzed studs, hand tooled and painted. The best part is this fantastic push and turn closure...I'm in love! I'm not really a boho/hippie kind of dresser and wouldn't this be perfect for that look? keep an eye out for it in my etsy store, you might just see it there!

So what name do you like best for the puppy?


  1. That saddle bag is perfection! and anyone who can take care of kids AND blog? that's inspiring!

  2. hey, it's YOUR blog, so you can include WHATEVER you want to write in it! I really love learning more about bloggers. I find that I gravitate towards these kinds of blogs that insert a bit about themselves into it rather than just straightforward "fashion" blogs or blogs that only have photos in them.

    That is a wonderful purse! Loving the western vibe!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  3. Ha ha ha! You've made me laugh and I can totally relate, although I suspect I'm not as busy as you!

    That bag is really beautifully constructed! I love the weave.

  4. Wow, this bag is beautiful with his touch of folk !

  5. Wonderful bag, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Thank you so much for following my blog.

  6. no pics of the pup?? :( love the bag its great!



  7. Good idea! Here is a pic of puppy love :)