Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall already--

When thrifting and spending that $84.00 part of what I bought was for me. (see above) well today I'm wearing the Lane Bryant, light weight sweater I thrifted and an Ox blood skirt I thrifted as well. I am loving purple&red together and already I can dress for fall this week. Over the weekend here in Ohio we had a Friday and Saturday recording breaking heat! of course that is when I decided to have my yard sale. Just sitting on the porch waiting for customers I had a constant sweat...then fast forward a day later; Sunday and it's cool and breezy, moving onto later in this week it's raining, winding and cold! cold enough to dress for fall weather. I've had enough summer anyway. My skin is peeling, cracked and dried out and ready for some TLC and layers.


I'm in need of a haircut so in the meantime I did a side ponytail/bun. I will like it more when I have more time to work on it. In the meantime it's all good! My boots are a new purchase last season from, Olsenboyz brand. I was worried about them fitting my large calves but they stretched and are even better this season. I love the red zippers on the side (you can't see them but they are there) and I think it helps tie the outfit together. Same necklace from and bag from Dot's. The belt I'm sure was a thrift store find. One of the things I have to do today is go back to Goodwill and get my Tiangelo (sp) Mustard yellow crossbody bag that they forgot to put in my bag!

I found both the sweater and the skirt in the "average" size sections of the thrift store. A lot of times I even find women's in the men's clothing area. So if you're a thrifter scour the store and look in all the departments...You never know what you might find and where!

I can tell already that I'm going to love this skirt! It's so well made and higher waisted helping me suck in my tummy. The cut and the quality are so good...

Lane Bryant purple sweater/thrifted Goodwill
Ox blood skirt/thrifted Goodwill



  1. purple and red really do look amazing together! i love the shade of that top!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  2. This colour combo is fabulous on you! So pretty :)

  3. What a pretty way to wear color! You remind me of autumn!

  4. Purple and red are pretty much my favorite colors together! :D love this outfit