Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Work It Girl--

I'm trying to blog most days which means you get to see me probably at least 3 times a week in workout wear. I'm forcing myself to do something about my health. Notice how I said health and not weight? ....I have hypertension due to my weight and I need to work some of it off or end up having a stroke or brain aneurysm.
So I found a workout partner through my two sons. I met a woman through my oldest when getting his senior pictures done; she was the photographer. I just happened to have all four kids with me for the event and the photographer asked my second oldest how old he was because she also had a daughter around his age...they ended up dating for a short time and my son is friends with her & her mother on facebook....the mother became my friend and was hinting at me getting my other sons senior pictures done from her again...she joined YMCA and is looking for people to workout with. My son nominated me because he too wants to join YMCA and I'm sure see her daughter again.

 After I workout, mail packages and finish bringing my storage unit back home to my home office(Minus a flood that ruined a few boxes-filed insurance forms) it's off to drop my son off at work, baseball practice, team fundraising/cheer meeting, pick him up from work. The oldest has been helping out but he came home the other day and had hydroplaned his car and lost control and basically got it into the driveway and that's about the end of it. Thank GOD! he is ok...

 Oh and Yippy! Mother nature is calling....(see extreme bloat!)


  1. You loOk cute. Holy crap you are busy.does it just keep getting busier the older they get? I think you look like you lost weight since I first meet you blogging. Meant to tell you I loved the little guys costume the other day.

  2. I'm glad to hear your eldest is ok! That sounded like it was scary! I totally wish I had a motivated working out buddy. Right now, it's my husband, and we both love being in bed :)
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  3. Glad to hear your son is ok. Scary!

    Working out seems much easier when you have a workout buddy, neat story to how you met yours :)