Friday, April 20, 2012

Check Mate--

Yay! It's Friday! I can hardly move my arms from lifting pain, no gain right?
Now I must depart and take a van full of teenage girls to the mall!
Pick up pizza's...for a sleep over!
I'm such a cool mom!
Of course I sent my daughter a message on facebook and ended it with (wink) she comments back "Mom all you have to do is ;) instead of spelling it...duh!"

I will be visiting my Fav blogs over the weekend to leave comments...

 I like my hair today....

 Checkered shirt::Oldnavy::skinny jeans::forever 21::shoes::rose'


  1. cute! those jeans look good on you! good kick with the slumber party.

  2. Stripes and checks are very nice for a sunny summer morning...and you have given a lovely caption to your lipstick

  3. Hey there! What's going on? You're looking great as usual :)