Monday, January 28, 2013

Looka Lika Man...

There's no use in getting all dolled up while trying to put an entire house together. So  I snuck into my husbands extra suit case and pulled out a lambswool sweater that is over sized,soft and cozy. Decided to keep in theme with the men's wear and threw on a pair of old cargo, hiking pants, a purple Tee and my old hiking boots. I didn't realize how much I missed these boots! like walking on a cloud...
When I've mentioned to a VERY few people that I write a fashion blog...their reaction is mostly a roll of the eyes and maybe an audible "Really?" ha ha ha... hence the reason I don't tell many people.
What can I say? Lack of inspiration? ....I was lucky to get dressed!

I haven't got much done around the new house except the massive chalk board wall my daughter wanted. Her brothers already got their paws on it...
 Not sure where I am going to take photos yet. I need to invest in a tripod as there is no metal for my gorilla pod to attach to around here.

 I need to invest in lots and lots of furniture to fill this place up. Goodwill here I come!



  1. Aww - you're too pretty to look like a man!

  2. Looks like a great place! Chalkboard paint has always intrigued me. One of these days I need to start painting in here but ugh. Oh and I've been dressing like a man a lot lately too. It can be nice to just not care about clothes for a while ya know?