Friday, February 1, 2013

Snow Storm MY @ss...

We live in Ohio! you'd think it was the south for goodness sake! We spent 6yrs in North Carolina and even the hint of snow school was canceled. Here in Ohio they think they are a southern state and the same thing happens here. I guess I remember the Michigan winters growing up with knee deep snow and you STILL went to school!
So school being called off pretty much sets my day up for total chaos. A total day changer it is.
What else is there to do besides FRY chicken. I've actually never fried chicken before and last night on TOP CHEF (Love Love Love that show) their challenge was to fry the best chicken they ever had. So since last night I was thinking about fried chicken.

 It turned out pretty good. But to be honest after all the grease,and raw chicken. I had the smell up my nose and was pretty much turned off by the entire thing. But the kids ate it up!

 Later afternoon we headed out to run errands, three kids in tow. We landed ourselves at YOMG. Talk about making text language come to life. It means Yogurt made good. Whatever! I think it's super expensive. It cost $21.00 for 4 small cups? give me a break. The good news is that it's healthy for you until you cake it in toppings. Pit stop #2 that was not planned and happened because I had three kids with me. :)

Look at the reflection. Does it look like a Snow storm to you?

 After a quick haircut and post yogurt we got the little mans haircut then headed out to Hobby Lobby. This was a planned event. My daughter wanted to pick up a picture frame for her boyfriends birthday. Hobby Lobby I love you and everything in your store but YOU are EXPENSIVE even with 50% off coupons.

Roccos' first name is actually something that starts with a we bought these letters to hang on his cool!

 I ended up getting the above coat rack for Rocco's room. We just moved and I am enjoying the idea of decorating the entire house. His room will be blue and the trim is going to be red. At first I couldn't make up my mind which one I wanted. I plan to hang it lower so he can put his coats,bathrobe and favorite hoodie & hat on it.
 They have really cute decor for a boys room.
 I have to admit I get after my kids when they screw around at the store taking pics of themselves with products. Especially when I'm in a hurry! but this was my idea. Those flowers made us feel like munchkins in the wizard of OZ or something. So fun!

I got with the fun and smelled the giant rose. As you can see I am wearing my thrifted coat constantly! pretty much had the MOM hair going on. ah well...
I'm exhausted! fun day! and now i'm thinking some COLD fried Chicken sounds yummy!

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  1. Wow - that fried chicken does look good! Is it hard to do? I've never fried chicken before, but maybe I should ...

    Now you've got me thinking of heading out to Spotlight (our version of Hobby Lobby). I need some new yarn (well, I don't, but any excuse ...)