Wednesday, February 8, 2012

All Wrapped Up In A Bow!

Sorry for the long absence but things around here have been crazy. I blog at my leisure and I tell ya there has been no leisure time for me lately. That said I wanted to share with you my recent etsy purchase. Oh! yes, I find the time to shop...actually I had my eye on this dress for awhile. I didn't want to pay the price it was listed for but often would just look at it and wish. The next thing I knew was having FREE shipping to the US and had reduced the price of this dress. I jump on it! I adore this dress with it's giant bow and Japanese label!
I'm having a love affair...
I had hesitated in purchasing it also because of it's color. Pink is not my color. I've actually always hated pastels on myself esp. pink. It's funny, almost every single year my Mother In Law buys me a PINK joke! well she used to buy me animal print silk PJ's and at the time I hated animal prints and my daughter would convulse on the floor in fits of laughter knowing my disdain for it...and now I am converted and drooling over animal prints everywhere on the Internet. So maybe I should be saying THANK YOU to my Mother In Law for broadening my horizons and helping me along the way to loving animal prints and perhaps now pastels....
But who could resist this dress...I mean really!

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  1. This is too cute. Love the bow, and the color is so trendy!

    thanks for dropping by.