Monday, March 25, 2013

What I haven't been doing--

I have been totally stumped! First I have had not one red cent to buy or thrift anything for this massive house. Therefore it is barren and uninspired.

I've yet to get used to everyone's new schedules and am constantly running to not be late. I spend more time in the car from early a.m, a break in afternoon, then early evenings back in car!

I have many many people coming at the end of May for my sons grad. Party. I have not lost weight, painted nor taken a single decorating item out of a box except what had to be placed somewhere as not to break! Argh!

I am a planner. I planned my oldest sons party a year in advance. I've been on hold not knowing if the event will take place here, at a park etc. will I cook or cater and will it be on the same day or the following weekend after graduation. Last party we had over an acre of land, pool and lots of activities in our own yard. Now we have no parking, no yard etc.

All these factors rest on money! Will we have the money to spend or will I have to keep it tight...flying on a shoestring budget and do it all myself!

This and college prep for my son...applying for scholarships etc...has become a daunting task. My entire life seems chaos and then add in the guilt my in laws like to throw at me that I'm not working a "traditional job" at the moment and helping to support my family! Blah!
I only wished I made a RED CENT for all the work I do. I think it's like 30-40 different jobs and the PAY sucks. The appreciation of others SUCKS too!

I'm trying to BE THERE for my kids so screw the negative nancies! They can bite me :)

Oh! Before my rant. I wanted to show just a tiny bit of happiness I've had in finding a few pieces at a new thrift store find.

The fireplace was just holding items until I found a place to put them, but I like the look kinda sorta!

What I found:

Amber color tall vase: 1.99
Tall green grass foliage: 2.99
Amber large crock: 6.99

I wanted a tall/big center piece for the table that had modern/vintage appeal


Next: a huge crackled glaze, earthy color crock. Love it! And plan to alternate table centerpiece.

Note: I bought the girl/rabbit painting & the bird/ yellow frame painting on my trip last Christmas or two ago to my moms in Arkansas. We hit the flea markets! A wonderful reminder oft time with mom. The dog got ahold of it and chewed the corner of the yellow frame grrrrr... I love the frame! The kids hit it w a ball, knocked if off the!
Flea markets or vintage expos are a affordable place to buy fantastic art.

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