Friday, December 2, 2011

Mustard Yellow Mixes Well with My College (or not) Fellow!

I've really enjoyed seeing colored tights on other bloggers but was wary if I could pull off the look. I  see mostly younger women in the blog world wearing them and not mom's. But thanks to Laura from who gave me a suggestion of getting some colored tights, I decided to try it and really like the result. I'm tired of the standard black and as the temps drop I definitely want something to keep me toasty warm. You can't see it but the skirt has maroon polka dots in it so I thought I'd go with maroon tights too. I am loving my Dansko sandals with the tights! and the sandals feel like they were custom made for my feet. I will be searching out and buying more Dansko because they feel so wonderful. The brown sweater with the light pink bow I've had forever. I thrifted it ages ago and never really wore it that much but as I was once again cleaning my closet I ran across it and thought why don't I ever wear you? so I did. I decided to wear two belts. One is yellow and the other animal print. I realize that I have a very squarish body as far as my waist goes because I don't really have a defined one. Overall I felt comfortable all day for my "to do" list was a long one.

One of the things (priority) was to talk to an OSU financial adviser with my son. He has gotten himself into a mess when he decided to take a year off school (famous last words!) I mean you can't just take a year off when you have scholarships and grants etc...some grants become default and thus require payback whereas if he would have kept on keeping on they would not be required to be paid back. Also when you get scholarship money besides a grade requirement there are other conditions!!
On my sons Birthday I wrote him a letter and in that letter I said something to the effect of " I have come to realize Alexander that what I dream for you may not be your dreams; and that's alright!" That statement is still true but I wish you could fast forward in life about 10yrs and then magically go back to where you decided to change the course of your life.
So now we are considering charging him rent,phone,food,car insurance,laundry service, utilities etc..etc...oh and the cost of all this damn dog food!
The reason I am so petty about the dog food is because this is what he has decided to do on a full time basis. TRAIN DOGS! which you have to build clientele and it's commission. I was irritated and told him he's the only person I know that can get a job and still not get paid! this is after a year of US telling him "son, you need to get a job to help pay for school"
He wants to own his own business training dogs, buy our house and built outside barn with heated stales on the property. All that is wonderful!

But a Degree and then business owner would be BETTER!

What do you think? are we being to rough on the kid or not tough enough? 

Mustard Yellow skirt/Target
Dansko sandals/ebay
Bow sweater/thrifted
Fox ring/ebay


  1. I am really digging this outfit!!! I love the mustard and the raspberry colors that pop and make the ensemble super fun! Thanks for the mention, too! They look really good and keep you toasty warm! :) I most definitely cannot get enough of that super cute bow detail on the sweater!

    Ok, onto the more important stuff... I think you're doing ok. This is coming from a kid standpoint, of course, but I was on the verge of dropping out of college midway (stellar grades, scholarships and all) because I wanted to move to NYC and do design. (didn't happen. glad it didn't) My parents kept on goading me on though, and were firm about supporting me until after I graduate. Their stipulation was, I could stay at home for free if I went to school. If not, I was on my own. I think it worked :) Plus, it's good to have a college degree to bank on for backup. Most jobs require at least that nowadays.

  2. bahahaha I AM LAUGHING SO HARD- but, at the same time- is he is passionate about what he wants to do, that is important then the actual thing it is, because he will make it successful if he loves it.. SUPPORT HIM!!


  3. Love it! You look great :) And you really pull off that mustard, too. Not everyone can, but you have the right colouring. I think the tights look great - I'm really hesitant to try coloured tights, too, but I might take the plunge when it gets cold here again. And now you've inspired me to try some Dansko shoes, too. I've been thinking about trying them for a while, so now I'll have to keep a look out on ebay!

  4. Cute sandals! I like the double belts and the mustard/maroon mix too.

    re: college- I think I'd be kind of upset if my kid screwed up his grants & scholarships, so I don't think you are being too tough. But I can see supporting him in what he really wants to do. He def. needs to take over procuring inventory though!

  5. I wouldn't dare give advice to a mother on her son. It sounds like you're thinking all your options through, and I wish you well.
    What I can give an opinion on is this outfit! I love it. The maroon with the yellow is such a great combo!

  6. Great job here. i love it all.

  7. I really love your mustard skirt and how you paired it with the purple tights! Thanks for linking up!

  8. i love this, you look adorable, love the mix of color and the skirt and belt and top look lovely! :) the tights go great too!