Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Em & Sprout

This OOTD is super casual and not much effort. But I tell you what this Tee- shirt from emandsprout.etsy.com is the most amazing fit,feel and quality. So add on the super cute "Magical kitten paws"  decals and I'm in heaven.
Their shop is adorable too. They make shoes,bags,Tee's etc and I want one of everything please! I originally just ordered the one Tee-shirt to make sure the size was right. Now that I know it's a perfect fit I will be back for more.

You think I need to clean up my makeup area?
You think?......
I wanted the urban Decay palettes for so long ever since reading on other blogs about how great they were. I was bummed to find that they were sold out everywhere it seems. Even other bloggers mentioned that it was sold out everywhere. While on my online search I found urbandecay.com an entire site dedicated to ONLY urban decay products. That is where I bought my palettes and will be back to get more goodies. They are quick with shipping, have great coupon codes for discounts and overall I am very pleased. So if you've been searching for urban decay palettes to no avail, try this site.


  1. How great that you found the palettes you wanted! Love the cat t-shirt!
    (formerly Spunky Chateau)

  2. such a cute shirt and I love their shoes (I checked out their site after reading your post). Can't wait to see your son's crown :)

  3. oh my word... I LOVE that tee! It's just the cutest thing ever! Your photos of your makeup area are reminding me that I have to clean mine now...

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights