Thursday, March 8, 2012

Paper Made King--

I'm no Martha Stewart, that's for sure!
 Still, I was excited when my son came home with a memo from school declaring it was going to be Fairytale Day and we needed to make a costume from recycled items.

They get to parade around our little town and visit the Old town theatre  whilst wearing their recycled fairytale costumes.
He wanted to be a King and The only king of a fairytale I could think of was Grimms, King Thrushbeard.
So here is our attempt at a kings Crown & Robes.

I find it slightly  irritating when you see other costumes and know that the child had NO participation in the costume as it's total perfection and done obviously solely by the parent.
 I prefer to have my son involved in the process and enjoy time together creating.

As an example this past Valentine's Day, Rocco came home from school all upset...kinda tossing his Valentine's box (which was pretty ripped up by then) onto the kitchen table and pouting.
I said "What's wrong? didn't you have a good Valentine's Day?" he says...
"Yes, but my Valentine's box was the worst Mom!"
I busted out laughing so hard because as we worked on the box to collect all the wee little cards from his classmates I noticed that Rocco had a very heavy hand and editing his ideas was well...not in the cards-(No pun intended)
When he came to me and asked if I liked it, what was a Mom to say?
Of course I loved it...
But his classmates kinda gave him a hard time because it wasn't a perfectly made mailbox with a flag and working door. It was a simple box covered in old wrapping paper and decorated to death by Rocco and his markers,stickers,glitter,sticky hearts, duck tape. And I thought it was the most amazing Valentine's Day Box ever!


  1. Love the costume and the fact that Rocco took part is what makes it special. I know when he is older he will understand how his Valentines box was really the best and special because he made it. We do the same with our kids. Whenever they have an assignment they like to be involved, and it's perfectly fine with me. Like you, I've seen some kids project assignments that look too perfect and obviously are done completely by parents. I don't think that's what teachers want.

  2. I wish that I had days when I was required to go to work in costume! That would be super fun!!!! :) I think your project came out magnificently! I love how you did the cape!
    ♥ laura
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