Friday, July 8, 2011

All is Square--

I felt a tad bit squarish in this outfit. Maybe I needed a wider belt. I've noticed since I've gained weight that I have a less defined waist for sure. When I was thin, I had an athletic boyish body with hardly any boobs to speak of. That's the one thing the hubz likes about my plus size body now; the boobies! I re posted this outfit because the pussybow blouse I'm wearing under the red sweater is for sale in my etsy shop. I love this blouse and had to think long and hard if I was to keep it or sell. I'm still having reservations due to the fact it's sleeveless, light weight and an easy layering piece. Ah well! if I want to add more goodies in the future I have to part with a few too...

Vintage Royal blue skirt-Thrifted
Red sweater-Walmart
Gray tights-walmart
Black vintage button shoes-Kmart
Vintage pussybow blouse-Thrifted

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  1. cute outfit! love this! :)