Friday, July 15, 2011

Dress or be dressed--

I decided to change up my routine a little and STOP being so comfortable. I believe with change comes realization. To me it doesn't have to be major changes just small ones to get myself out of the ruts I tend to create for myself. So I took inspiration from and tried something I've always wanted to do but never had. Well...I actually went covertly to check things out first, to scan the scene, to get a feel for things...see, I want to sell my veggies, eggs, and even chickens at the farmers market but I'm not comfortable meeting lots of new people or doing new things. So I hauled the 4 amigos (kids)  with me (with promises of the dreaded MALL later) and we check out the local farmers market that runs Friday,Saturday,Sunday. I bought two free range, organic,dressed chickens that are at this very moment in my smoker getting a nice Hickory smoke. This seems like whats the big deal? I just think the people selling at some of the Farmers markets get very competitive. Perhaps it's because this is their only income? to put food on their table? But then again I could use my little profits to put food on my table too.

The next thing I did to step out of my comfort zone is join two groups. One is about raising poultry and they meet up and have tours etc. The other group is "Babes in the Woods" a group of 300 local Ohio women who get together and horseback,zip line,cave tour, hike, kayak etc...all about adventure and discovering the outdoors. The first new member meet up is the 21st. I've already paid my dues so I hope I don't chicken (pardon the pun) out and not attend. I asked about bringing my daughter and you have to be 18. I do want to spend outdoor time and have alone time with her (which I do) but also I think I need to cut the strings somewhat and STOP being so comfortable. I need to reach out and meet other women, make new friends  and have some adventure in my life!

Straw hat-urban outfitters
Tank top-old navy
Top-family dollar
Nike flip
purple snake skin wrap watch-Target
Navy Cross body bag-Fossil-thrifted w/ tags

My Smoker!

Ohio Farm Markets!

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