Sunday, July 17, 2011

I want a new doo............

It doesn't matter how cute your outfit is or how well you accessorized it if your hair is a total mess. I've been trying to grow mine out for some time now. My bangs used to be as long as the rest of my non layered hair but then I got the bug to cut it and chopped myself some bangs. Now they are growing out again and I realize that bangs take more work than I wanted. I have a large forehead and the beginnings of wrinkle lines which I hate and want to cover. At the same time my face looks bigger with bangs unless they are a side bang. I've dreamed of growing out my hair and getting a X large rod perm to have a look of natural big curls like Julia Roberts in Pretty woman. I've had my hair like that once in my life and I loved it. Is it just me or is it fact that as women age their hair gets shorter and shorter? My problem is I have very fine, thin hair and longer lengths just emphasize how thin and fine it is. So now that I've grown out my hair to a pretty good length and my bangs are starting to get past my nose again I've been looking on the net to see what kind of style I should get. Right now it is mostly worn up because it has no shape or style therefore is a total flop when trying to do something with it.

So which style do you like most?

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  1. I think your do is gorgeous as it is :D
    Come follow my blog hun :)