Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dog day of summer--

A combination of summertime and insomnia kept me awake practically all night. So I decided to use the time to clean the entire house while the kids were asleep. Today's list "to do" was a long one...Which was cut short by an allergic reaction at the vets. We took two of our dogs to the vet for shots and to make boarding arrangements for our upcoming vacation. Well as some of you know my Dad passed away in April and I inherited his dog Jasmine or Jazz as she likes to be called. When I was clearing out my Dads things I didn't find any shot records of any kind on her. I know she just turned 8 and that's about it. Well...she got rave reviews from the vet...tiptop shape for her advanced age and has a young spirit obviously:) But while we were there I started first itching, then sneezing, then digging into my nose started running and I felt I couldn't breathe. I know I'm slightly allergic to Jazz but come hell or high water I'm keeping her...

I was almost at the end of my rope when our appointment was at 9am and he didn't show until 10:15 and not because he was busy. No, I could hear him chatting away about NOTHING TO DO WITH ANIMALS in the next door room for an eternity. Well the combo of my allergic reaction, my daughter starting to sneeze/itch and the 6yr old having 2 breakdowns of tears begging to leave...oh and the dogs bark,bark,barking...I was not a happy camper!
When we finally got the !@#$ out of there I pulled down the mirror in the car only to see that my mascara has smudged and badly under my eyes. I was puffy, red, and looked like I suddenly became Gothic. Needless to say we came straight home and ALL slept until late into the afternoon. Plans thwarted and forgotten...those other errands will have to wait!

White Capri-Walmart
Striped blouse-Walmart clearance-$1.00
Black sandals-Target
French coin ring-etsy


PS: Don't wear white to the VETS!


  1. This outfit looks so cool and summery. Love it!

  2. Sorry about your experience with your vet. What a shame. Thank God we are happy with ours.
    My husband has asthma so our puppy stays outside. It's been better for me too.
    Such a cool outfit for hot summer days. You're looking great!

  3. Oh my gosh how rude of the vet! I'll never forget one time when I had specifically made the first appointment of the day to see my GP and I was still kept waiting for an hour. He wasn't even there. When he finally turned up he apologised, explaining that he had been off inspecting a house he wanted to buy! Sooo rude. He soon stopped being my GP after that.

    Love the outfit :)

  4. wah! sorry to hear about the crazy vet and your allergic reaction! sounds terrilbe! gothic look wouldnt be that bad :D haha. i like this outfit! it looks great :)


  5. My 16 yr old has terrible allergies and we have a lot of pets, she went to take the test to see what she was allergic to and I was nervous, like you, there was no way I was going to get rid of my little furry family members. Good Luck (kinda) my daughter is allergic to what seems almost everything but animals! What are the chances of that! I love your ps. I try to stay away from white and black (aggghhh) because we have beasts of many colors. I also keep a roller brush in my car.
    On another note, about your vet keeping you waiting, I was once right in the middle of a root canal when the dentist got up left the room and went to the office right across the hall and made tennis dates and flirted with his girfriend on the phone for FIFTEEN minutes!

    Ps. So sorry about your Dad,prayers headed your way!