Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Toucan sundress...

This is a fantastic handmade Toucan sundress that I thrifted. It ended up costing .50cents! can you believe it? Such a wonderful weight cotton with really wide straps (you can't see because of my cardi) but the straps are wide enough to cover a bra strap but no bra is needed because this dress is structured so well that no bra is required. I love to find handmade items at thrift stores. Whoever made this was a talented seamstress. I love the all over tropical bird print too. The color and quality makes this piece an A+++ in my book.

Toucan sundress/Goodwill
Grey Cardigan/Dot's
White leather purse/Gap/thrifted
Yellow cutout shoes/Grandville outfitters


  1. Don't you love finding great deals like that? There'll be a new 'Thursdays are for Thrifters' link party tomorrow...I'll try to explain better how to submit...
    Scroll down to the bottom of the post. (Here's a link to last week's for reference: )

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  2. What a fun and beautiful pattern. Fits right in with the current exotic trend. And you accessorized it just right. Love this one, Wendy!

  3. lovely summer dress! looks great!


  4. So glad you decided to link up!

  5. I love finding a dress that doesn't require a bra, now that's comfort! I'm glad you stopped by my blog! I am now also following you. I really enjoy thrifting personal style blogs. Debbie

  6. Hi Wendy,
    Thanks for your comment. I don't have any cherry earrings in my shop (sorry) but I've seen some cute small cherry charms at Hobby Lobby. Do you have Hobby Lobby up there?

  7. I love this fabulous sundress. I am so much into unsual patterns and prints.