Monday, July 18, 2011

No meat required--

I've had this dress in my closet, still with the tags attached for quite some time. I love it but wondered how unless a special occasion I could fit it into my everyday wear. Well I finally had an occasion and this dress was screaming for an evening out(Sunday) My husband and I were invited to his partner/boss's house for drinks then dinner out with him and his wife. How nice it is to have a couples night out! to not have to cut anyone's meat at the table lol (we ended up going out for Sushi anyway so no meat cutting required)...I'm glad I "dressed" for the occasion because the wife of my husbands partner was a educated, chic woman wearing gold lam'e shimmery harem pants and that was just the start of her fabulous outfit.

This vintage jacket is one of my, if not THE best piece I've ever thrifted. It has a black stretchy mesh body with cream strips of fabric sew into an intricate design that when you move about or say reach for something the stretchy mesh expands showing more of the black mesh or neat cutout design. It's a vintage size 10 but has stretched to accommodate my bigger frame. So when I lose my weight I will still have this piece in my wardrobe. You can tell it was an expensive item at one time. The details in this piece are so fancy and exact. Perfectly made and I LOVE IT!

I wish the pictures were better of the dress. It has this shimmery effect that reflects in the light. The neckline I adore and the matching bow belt felt feminine and pretty. I decided to keep it simple with the jewelry and wore my cross my Mother in law brought me back from France, French coin ring and thrifted green stone ring. I would have preferred to wear heels but don't have any that match(need to invest in some heels) so I decided to pair this outfit with my pointy toe patent leather flats. In the end it was a good idea as I had a few glasses of wine and haven't drank in ages. I scoured my closet to find my black sparkly clutch and to no avail. I opted for my vintage mesh, Whiting and Davis navy handbag. It was the only other dressy bag I own.

What a lovely night out...


  1. You look gorgeous! I love that you thrifted that jacket. You should think about linking it up in my Thursdays are for Thrifters photo link up.

  2. This black dress is so pretty on you. I love the full skirt and the length.