Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lusting After Charlotte--

I'm so loving Charlotte Russe right now. Partially because I can find shoes in a size 11 that are stylish and reasonably priced. Their clothing is limited to a xl so I just shop their shoes&accessories unless I'm shopping for my daughter :) Plus they take Paypal.
So when my package arrived with it's two pair of boots and a little converse necklace for my daughter (see below) I was so excited. My excitement  faded just a little when I saw the actual color of the tan boot. Something about it's color and texture scream fake leather. Yes, they are fake leather but I have lots of faux leather items that could pass for the real deal. The black pair also has a strange greenish tint to it...ah, maybe it's my imagination.  The three pair of shoes below are on my LUST list from the Charlotte Russe store...a girl can dream.

       Denim Jeggings--Family Dollar
Ruffle front
Purple Cardigan--Walmart
   Nine West Fringe Bag--Ebay

I want to buy these shoes and just look at them all day...Is that to much to ask?

My Daughter LOVED this little Converse necklace!


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  1. i loved your shoe picks!!! Thanks for following my blog!i loved your shoe picks!!! Thanks for following my blog!